On November 17, NASA’s STEREO satellites captured an enormous blue circle moving in front of the Sun. These unusual pictures became an internet sensation very fast. There are many speculations about the meaning of the exceptionally strange event. Could that be the Blue Star Kachina?

Pamela Johnson was the first to post this photo to Facebook and soon got lot of reactions. Interested to find out more about it, she researched further and soon made some alarming discoveries. Despite the fact that NASA’s records had pictures of the mysterious sphere captured on November 17, a couple of frames were not in the feed; pictures captured on November 15 and November 16 were mysteriously gone. Does this mean that NASA is hiding something?

The STEREO (Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory) satellite cluster is formally intended to explore the “structure and advancement of solar storms”, however this time it gave us evidence of a gigantic and unfamiliar object in our solar system. What’s more interesting is that the picture was published on NASA’s science focus servers with no description.

Besides, as Pamela Johnson said, NASA wanted to conceal their fault by attempting “to use EUVI 171 pictures of the Sun to mask the sphere”.

But soon afterwards, NASA sent an official statement that did not convince the conspiracy theorists.

According to it, the mistake was a result of overload of the SECCHI picture processor on board STEREO. Since the pictures from the Heliospheric Imager (HI) telescopes are composed of many exposures, this occasionally causes ‘double exposures,’ where information from several telescopes shows up in the same picture.”

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Not believing NASA, the web was full of different opinions. Ufologists are persuaded the blue circle was a huge UFO and because of its dimensions, it could have been the reason for the frames that are gone by making an electromagnetic abnormality. When it got out of the zone, the satellites continued their normal work.

Regardless of whether the sphere is one of the huge UFOs, which are entering our planetary system, through the Sun as a Stargate, or an unfamiliar planetary body like the famous planet Nibiru, it is obvious that what occurred on the seventeenth was not due to dysfunctional equipment, wrote one UFO hunter.

Others think the object was caused by evil people, or the so called Blue Beam Project which is thought to be a device that would simulate the apocalypse. If this claim is right, then it is probable that NASA is either in conspiracy with or is controlled by the NWO.

There are different speculations that claim that the object is Nibiru or a huge stargate; the two explanations being gloomy and unsettling.

According to the ancient Hopi when the Blue Star Kachina shows up in the sky, the Fifth World will rise.” It also mentions the appearance of nine signs predicting this occasion that will affect the whole world. Is this going on presently?

The Hopi (which means Peaceful People) have occupied northeastern Arizona since they can recall and are thought to originate from people from the south, east and north. The Anasazi are ancestors of the Hopi, which means they are directly connected to the ancient Aztec culture. In spite of the fact that many nations around the world believe in “white goods” coming from the sky, the Hopi religion says their forefather came from inside the ground.

One of the numerous Hopi legends particularly depicts unusual creatures who dwell inside the core of the Earth and are known as the Ant People. Illustrations showing the Ant People definitely look like the images from the aliens encounter reports from present times. There is another association between the Hopi’s Ant People and the Mesoamerican myth of Quetzalcoatl, according to which the Ant People had helped the “White God” to find corn on a mountain full of with grain and seeds.

According to the Hopi religion, the Star People and their star knowledge will come back when the present period of time ends, like they have in past periods. Their whole religion is based upon the presumption that the world experiences consecutive cycles divided by apocalypse. Their myths say that at in the period of the Blue Kachina, the Star People withdrew to the core of the Earth, looking for sanctuary from the world’s destruction.

The Hopi believe that the Blue Kachina would start to be seen at the dances at night and this would announce the soon coming of the end. At that point the Blue Star Kachina would emerge in the sky which would imply that we are in the end times.

When the First World was demolished, humans came back from the underground to the external world to live as ants so that the Second World continues. The Third World recounts of a progressive culture with “flying shields” and wars between distant cities finally annihilated by horrible surges, accounts like the ones from the Babylonian legends.


Hopi Indians are presently guardians of the Fourth World in return for the advantage of living on Earth. They believe that the Fifth World will soon come and will start when the people from the Fire Clan come back.

“In the Final days we will gaze upward in our sky and we will see the comeback of the two brothers who made this world in the birthing time. Poganghoya is the warden of our North Pole and his sibling Palongawhoya is the warden of the South Pole.”

“In the end the Blue Star Kachina will return be with his nephews and they will restore the Earth to its normal rotation which is counterclockwise. Soon after the twins will come the Purifier – The Red Kachina, who will bring the Day of Purification. When this happens, the Earth, her animals and all known life will change for eternity.”


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