Strange “Symptoms” People Are Experiencing Around The Globe

In the course of recent months, we have seen various strange symptoms that we encounter. While the vast majority grumble and trust that they have lost their mind, the rest remain in wonder and can’t find where these symptoms originate from and what their meaning is.

What we know is that the Earth is going through a lot of changes, same as the solar activity of the sun, which heightens the magnetic field of Earth and of each person.

Beneath we made a list of the greater part of the symptoms and phenomena experienced by individuals all around the world.

Sugar & Chocolate Cravings

Most of the people feel the indescribable need to ingest sugars or chocolates, and the most logical reason for this need to appear at such intensity would be the increased number of parasites in our body. It has long been known that antibiotics are dangerous for our body because they kill the necessary bacteria along with the unnecessary, so you would recommend introducing oregano oil that has long been known for its antibiotic properties and a probiotic right after the oregano oil.

Unfamiliar Eating Patterns

Strange craving for healthier food, lack of appetite and refusal of the body to digest ready-prepared artificially processed food from supermarkets. Being turned off by the smell and even the thought of any meat and fish products.

Weird Sleep Patterns, Need For Extra Sleep And Pain In The Head

Feeling tired most of the time, passing out and waking up at strange hours, needing extra-long sleep time, needing naps and lots of headaches.

Strange Sounds Being Heard

Hearing abnormal metallic, humming or mechanical sounds. A few people have additionally said this is down to gadgets, wireless towers, and smart meters. However, most of the people believe it happens by spiritual nature.

Heightened Sensitivity

A significant number of individuals have reported that they have elevated affectability. Anybody supposing this may have mercury poisoning, all the more so in the event that they have had silver-mercury amalgam fillings at the dental specialist.

Intensified Sense of Smell

The sense of smell becomes so strong that people had reported they could smell someone by talking on the phone or an object from far away.

Weird Technology Behavior Near a Person

Some people have said that technology acts strangely when it is touched. Sometimes it freezes and electricity starts to blink. In proximity to an energy field of a certain person computers or phones can stop work all of a sudden and then in presence of another person to continue work like nothing happened.

Manifestation Of Thoughts Into Reality

Most of the people report a large number of synchronizations. For example, they think about a word or a thought of something and all of a sudden that manifests instantly in reality.

Interruption Of The Flow

Incapability to focus or decide on what you want to do or where to go. In this case, the inner “GPS” of the person is confused.

Weird And Unfamiliar Sensations In The body

Body becoming aware of something it didn’t know nor felt before without the ability to explain from where this sensation came.

Having maybe a couple of these manifestations can come unnoticed, however, in the event that you are experiencing more of these phenomena at the same time, beyond any doubt could get overwhelming and confusing. Take a full breath and remember that you are not losing your mind and its highly possible that it’s time for a powerful energetic adjustment for the human beings.



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