The greatest solar radiation in the past ten years strikes our planet and there might be many more

In the past month the compelling forces of nature has been very destructive but it seems that the sun too has chosen to contribute in the attack.
Five massive sun flares were released towards Earth as of the beginning of this month, finally resulting in the biggest flare seen by NASA as the end of 2008.

Sun blazes are created when Sun’s surface bursts enormous energy, which discharges billows of electrons, particles and atoms.
These are massive releases of radiation which are then very fast thrown through space, and are essential for people to watch since when they are sufficiently big they damage our atmosphere.

Observing early on 6 September, the pictures of the space organization ‘Solar Dynamics Observatory’ caught an especially dynamic sun area shooting the fourth and fifth massive flares in the past couple of days.
The first flare that the organization staff captured on the camera reached its highest point at 6.15am (Eastern Standard Time) and was named a M7.3 flare, while the second one reached its highest point at 10.36 (EST) and was a X1.3.
These certified categorizations mean the force and the dimensions of a flare - X class is the strongest probable classification and M class is around 10% the extent of X.

Despite the fact that the flare was the biggest ever in the present 11-year-sun rotation, NASA persuaded people that the dangerous solar radiation cannot enter the atmosphere of our planet to physically influence them.
In any case, it can damage the atmosphere where GPS and communications signals are being transmitted, which according to NASA has caused as a high-frequency radio power outage on Wednesday.
Furthermore, it is possible that is not over yet.
In 2013 a rebellious sun flare tried to get away from the gravitational field of the Sun and go towards our planet, as observed above, however it did not manage.
It was not sufficiently fast to get away from the grip of the gravitational field of the Sun and just the very little plasma was released, which looked amazing in the pictures.


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