Shocking photos of UFOs circling around Sun emerge! Are aliens draining our solar energy?

After monster UFOs has been detected circling around the Sun, massive number of alien believers popped the question: Are aliens harvesting energy from the Sun?
They are trying to answer their questions looking at the photos and videos taken from those flying objects.

The first person who floated the theory was the UFO hunter behind Youtube channel Streetap1 after seeing a strange object with a line of ‘’plasma’’ running directly from the Sun in NASA telescopic images of the solar surface. The UFO hunter posted a video on his channel entitled ‘Is this a massive UFO feeding off sun energy?’
‘’The fact that the UFO have different color and shape to the rest of the connected line is what convinced me to upload this. I  was not a great believer in this plasma sun energy theory, but this has got me thinking.’’

NASA*UFOSD ‘UFOs’ seen by Scott C Waring in NASA SOHO images of the sun

UFO blogger Scott C Waringsaid:

’’This UFO shot out of the Sun yesterday but was seen by Streetcap1 on Youtube.
‘’The UFO may have been using the Suns energy to fuel itself or to recharge in some way, but it’s leaving in high speed.
‘’Notice that the UFO is glowing white, but the Sun’s plasma is yellow. This tells us the craft is made from a different material than the Sun’s surface.’’

Mr.Waring also posted his own NASA image, taken by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory(SOHO),a spacecraft with telescopic camera sent to image the sun and beam back high detail images, of what he described as huge UFOs orbiting the Sun.
On his website he posted a blog entitled ‘Hundreds of Giant UFOs Orbiting Our Sun,NASA/SOHO Images Confirm. ’He has a theory that the UFOs were as big as Earth in some cases as he wrote: ’’While looking over some SOHO images I decided to enlarge some of the UFOs in the photo.
‘’Now please know, the UFOs in each photo are different because the Sun is rotating, and there are a lot of moon size and Earth size UFOs around our Sun.
‘’Back about 10 years ago, two Russian scientists announced that they have found hundreds of UFOs orbiting Earth’s Sun at any given moment in time.
‘’And that these UFOs can increase and decrease speeds for no reason, and that they can make sudden right  turns at speeds that should be impossible, especially for a moon size UFO.

He has an intriguing question:

’’Now, are these unmanned giant drones sent to get energy for planets far away?’’

Unlike alien believers, the sceptics think that it is because the telescope is at such a massive zoom,t hey are just out-of-focus anomalies appearing to give such shapes in the final image and claim that the objects around the Sun seen in these pictures are just coronal mass ejections from the Sun, which are an unusually large release of plasma and magnetic field from the solar corona, which often follow solar flares.



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