“MOON HAS 250 MILLION CITIZENS” - A Former CIA Pilot Claims

In the last couple of days, John Lear, an ex CIA pilot stunned the world with his declaration posting the names, details and the location of the 250 million humanoid aliens living on the Moon.

And that’s not all. Lear also mentioned that beneath the Moon’s surface, there are underground urban areas, where the races of gray aliens live, for which we have innumerable testimonies that they have been visiting our planet. In those underground settlements, according to him, they have laboratories in which they conduct the experiments.

According to him, all we have known about the moon is a lie, invented by the government with a specific end goal to conceal its activities and alien programs. It also says that have been hidden from us the fact that there are numerous planets in the universe same as the Earth.

Amateur photographers already have images with something that looks like structures on the moon’s surface, and that’s not all, the conspiracy theorists think that there might be some advanced technology that hides their settlements from curious observers.

 “I can’t prove this of course or I’d be dead already. I can’t show you a picture of the USS Enterprise up there now. It’s just what makes sense knowing the technology gained after the US government pumped billions or trillions into all of Tesla’s research,” claims Lear.

But nonetheless, the most astonishing claim of all of the above is his next assertion that the Earth is actually a planet-prison and serves as a penitentiary institution where prisoners ought to achieve a higher level of conciseness.

Following this shocking and amazing claims, we are not surprised that the vast majority of the rational individuals discovered them absolutely absurd. But how about we don’t overlook that? After all, he is a former CIA pilot who was also a captain of the US aviation based armed forces with a lot of experience before we overrule his claims.

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