A 3000-year-old Egyptian Papyrus Showing UFOs discovered in Cairo

Ancient Egyptian texts say that the Egyptian god Ra flew from the stars and landed in Egypt establishing a powerful civilization. The question arises whether it was a misinterpreted myth, or there is a grain of truth in this mystery.

The 3,000-year-old display on the funeral paper of Djedkhonsuefankh, at an exhibition at the Cairo Museum, reveals exactly how Ra’s ship appeared to the earliest scribes who created these papers.

It does not look like a traditional ship that can be seen in other later appearances,it looks like something extraordinary, which ancient Egyptians describe extensively in their texts as a disc that flies and radiates strong light! Wayne Herschel, the South African author of the book “Hidden Records,” which offers a completely new hypothesis explaining the worship of a star god by ancient civilizations, insists that this display is a secret behind the primordial winged Egyptian disc. He supports many other controversial authors who have suggested that the strange winged Egypt disc is actually an ancient UFO.

He realizes that this is a piece that was missing from the puzzle, and that proves it. He says an anomaly on the papyrus clearly celebrates exactly what it is, a flying disc that shines like the sun and comes from a star. Wayne Herschel suggests that there is still more evidence that could be clarified here. It’s not just a disc that comes with a star, but papyrus also shows the constellation closest to the ragged star of Ra’s god with other forgotten symbols. There is much more. He says that is another important issue in the scenario shown here, and that is where the drive landed.

It is displayed positioned on what could only be the Egyptian sphinx. He convincingly says that this is a real ship from the sky in the typical UFO style that landed on the famous monument of the Sphinx, and this is recorded on the ancient Egyptian papyrus!”It’s a dome that radiates a very bright color … and it is set on three legs, like a tripod. No wonder the Sphinx’s back was straight. ” Vain Herschel claims that there is a tomb that clearly depicts Sphinx with the head of the lion, something that was completely missed by historians and authors.”There are remains of what appears to be the remains of arched doors that are now full of various repairs done over a number of thousands of years, and this is visible on the back of the Sphinx’s head!”Deciphering the true meaning of this paper has been the subject of debate among scientists for years.

This is still being explained as a weird belief system, like a cult, and it’s still a mystery.First, ancient Egypt has at least five different interpretations of the pictoglyphic genesis of the beginning, so even the ancestors forgot most of the meaning. Wayne Herschel presents the whole collection of evidence and carefully presents all of this into a video in two parts.

Wayne Herschel’s book “Hidden Files”, which challenges the basics in ishoastronomy as never before, has previously identified a starry pattern that is reproduced in the founding monuments of almost every megalithic ancient civilization.From this book, with the theory that the star of “gods” is identified in a precise position near the flock of stars called the Pleiades, he begins to prove that an additional 16 or more civilizations around the world display precisely these same records. “Practically all ancient civilizations are obsessed with star gods and their beginnings. Many continued to build great monuments to characterize the positions of stars on the ground, and virtually everyone chose the same, “x”, which signifies the place of their final monument within a specific star form. “Astronomers abstained from comment after patterns were spoken for themselves.

In his conclusion, Wayne says this is a very powerful case for our human ancestors, who come from the stars.”The 3,000-year-old papyrus has everything I asked for … the cosmic address of the god of the Sun” Ra “, how his celestial ship looked, and where he landed …”Ancient people certainly did not lie about their star gods.It seems that these gods were very real, not just to the Egyptians, but to all ancient civilizations. This explains why so many of them respected the cosmic bull, that was the constellation of Taurus. What is most important, Wayne Herschel challenges the Egyptologists …

This story is deciphered and told in the videos below.



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