Proof of Military UFO Coverup After a Published Data

The British Ministry of Defence (MoD)  published a set of  collected UFO data and activity. For some reasons, these documents were published in paper form, not digitized and can be seen only in person or purchased from the National Archives. Truth seekers were hoping that the files might solve some  mysteries such as the Rendlesham Forest incident, Britain’s most famous UFO sighting. None of the published data gives any information about the Rendelsham Forest sightings, but one of them reveals some details about another famous British UFO encounter near the coastal town of Skegness on England’s east coast.

The sighting took place near The Wash, a bay and estuary in East Anglia.
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This radar/visual incident occurred in October 1996 at the height of an outbreak of UFO sightings in East Anglia and it is known as “Wash incident” or “Boston stump incident.” Police officers, residents and the crew of a nearby tanker saw the UFOs above the North Sea,at a bay Wash, south of Skegness and they described it as a a rotating disc with red and blue lights. They noticed the Royal Air Force (RAF), but the RAF report concluded that the radar imagery was caused by St Botolph’s church spire in Boston. The lights in The Wash area were harder to explain and were suggested to be ”a distant celestial source”. However, the explanations were presented as celestial objects and atmospheric distortion,but rejected by the witnesses.

A still from a video of the object shot by the Boston, Lincolnshire police.
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Among the published documents is a letter written by an unnamed government official. It was presumed that  it was written by Labour MP Martin Redmond to the former U.K. Defence Secretary, Michael Portillo and contains and explanation why RAF ignored the UFO and did not scramble aircraft for surveillance in spite of numerous radar and visual confirmations from law enforcement. However, it generated some questions about the way the sighting was dismissed by the U.K. military and government.

The letter says that Redmond is concerned about the incident that happened off the Anglian Coast raises which some issues since RAF supposed to keep an eye on this without knowing what was actually happening and without maybe having a standard procedure for these kind of occurances.  They have had enough time, as the object was on our radar for seven hours!

Images of the newly-declassified documents, which are not yet in digital form

Although many conspiracy theorists claim this evidence is a cover up, the MoD’s official explanation that the radar signature away as the result of interference from a nearby church spire, could be considered as valid. It is possible that RAF have dissmissed the idea of this sighting because such a permanent radar echo used to happen in the past and they are already familiar with this occurances.

The RAF stated out that the witnesses, Skegness police, and a tanker crew could have mistaken Venus and various stars for a UFO. This statement could be valid, but not a satisfying answer. They all believe that more mysterious things have happened,but they can not be proven. At least,not for now.


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