Pleiadian Aliens On Earth-10 Proof!

Pleiadian Aliens also called Nordic Aliens, are said to take after people for a lot of reasons. They exist in different space and time and can control the authority of spiritual spaces. They originate from the star heavenly body called the Pleiades, which holds seven stars and Tayega is one of them. Nine planets circle the star out of which four are inhabited by living things. The Pleiadian Aliens come from the planet Erra which circles the star Tayega.

Erra is very similar to planet Earth and is 10% smaller. Around four hundred million creatures live on Erra. Similarly to the Earth they also have animal life and vegetation and a day on Erra is only 6/10 seconds shorter than a day on Earth. The population of Erra use telepathy as means of communicaton and  go around the planet using the tube system. Their approximate lifespan is seven hundred years. They don’t have any health issues as they control their wellbeing through mental forces. Essentially they are vegetarians, however they sometimes eat some meat too. They don’t own any money and they share the assets of their planet with other individuals. In spite of the fact that they don’t have faith in God being a maker of life, however they have been leading a healthy profound life and their rationality depends on Universal truth of Creation.

These facts explain the existence of Pleiadian Aliens on Earth:

(1) They are an exceptionally old race of humanoids and they have the record of Earth’s human transformative history. They claim that the Earth is six billion years old.

(2) They are believed  have the same ancestry with people. For example Lyrans from Lyra are thecommon ancestors. The Lyrans were said to have found Earth some time before Pleiadians.

(3) They look like individuals in their physical appearance except their skin is lighter compared to the one of people.

(4) Modern DNA testing has been going on and the geneticists have created haplogroups that are only detected  in Pleiadians and even in nations attacked by Pleiadians, for example, England and Ireland. This DNA isn’t shared by any  people on planet Earth.

(5) The Pleiadians have discovered fossilized human footprints on Earth, 120 million years of age, as proof  of the presence of extra-terrestrials.

(6) They figured the time of sun, universes and planets from the  time when the primary finest gas was shaped and not from the time when they existed as solid bodies.

(7) They are engaged with the sustaining of life forms, for example, whales and dolphins on Earth.

(8) They are in charge of achieving the mindfulness vitality recuperating strategies which were found much later.

(9) The Pleiadians found a small system of sun with planet Earth on one of their investigation mission.

(10) They discovered three types of unrefined people living on Earth. The biggest one was that of the pale colouredLyrans.

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Pleiadians wanted to share their eexperiences so that mankind doesn’t need to go through the same issues that they have endured.Anyway, there aren’t  enough people to hear them out. In the near future, the Pleiadians will help all people on earth to move towards a more spiritual profound way.


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