An incredible theory has been circling lately that trees were spotted on a picture captured by NASA on Mars.

The amazing photo has been published for quite a while, and it has been discussed from its appearing on the University of Arizona site. As of its appearance on the social media in 2010, researchers have suggested various explanations regarding the strange objects on the photo. But the official statement isn’t enough to satisfy the UFO community who, after examining the photos in detail, deduced the opposite from the claim of the researchers. One would probably wonder what is so unexpected regarding the NASA photo.

We should begin with the claims of the UFO community. The picture above indicates unusual parts over the dry deserts of Mars. If we scale up the picture on those parts, it becomes more apparent that the shapes look like the trees on Earth. Except them some silver parts are visible as well, which are thought to be leftovers of frozen water. In case this is confirmed to be for a fact, this ought to clarify how the trees dwell on the surface of Mars.

The two communities have opposed stands, since scientists describes the strange shapes as dark streams of material flowing as a consequence of the melting of carbon dioxide ice. Besides that NASA confesses to editing the photo in order the dark streams seem more visible. Can we believe this clarification?

Different experts believe that the fact that the dark parts look like trees proves that life is still developing on Mars. According to them this is another discovery concealed by NASA without an explanation. Their statements are confirmed by the latest claim of a prestigious space agency of the existence of liquid water on Mars. Many think that believing the official clarifications is not good due to the big number of strange objects noticed on Mars.

In order to qualify the ‘tree hypothesis’ as sheer rubbish, many have been asking about the fallen leafs that are apparently not on the photo, however concurrently they have given a solution to their inquiry. Realizing that the Red Planet had the adequate terms for life to evolve long time ago is the initial step, and assuming that this time is not such a long time ago as NASA tries to convince us may give the following answer.

That is, it is possible that the so-called trees do not have leafs on the branches and there are no leafs fallen on the ground since they are dead, and the breeze blows any noticeable proofs across the immense Martian desert, covering them with sand. In case this is confirmed to be right, life on Mars may have finished recently, and there are many proofs to confirm this claim.

YouTube channel ‘Thor’ presented more proofs confirming the claim of existence of trees on Marts. He claims that “there are practically the same geographic formations in Siberia. Since there is clear evidence that there is high saltiness, fluid water on Mars, it’s certain that the geographical and meteorological stages that created these formations on Earth are repeated on the surface of Mars as well.”

There is sufficient proof to confirm the claims of the two groups, leaving space for a lot of assumptions. It is up to the progressive individuals to process the data and finally decide on their own. NASA link


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