Lightning Strike Disables UFO’s Cloaking Shield

It seems that lightning strikes affect a UFO’s cloacking shield, as proven by the accompanying video.

A unidentified flying item’s cloacking shield is one of its best resources since it enables the craft’s inhabitants to stay undetected while playing out their activities on Earth.

Obvious light can be viewed as a wavering electric and magnetic field and on the grounds that the cloaking shield takes a shot at an unmistakable level, it must work on some sort of electromagnetic standard we have yet to find. You know what else is electromagnetic? The enormous power surge caused by a lightning strike. So it turns out that when a covered UFO is hit by the thousand or so Giga Watts released by a lightning bolt, some interference may happen.

The following is a rare sight of such a phenomenon.

Amid a current rainstorm in the U.S., an extensive, round UFO ended up noticeably obvious in the wake of interacting with the enormous voltage of an electrical discharge between clouds. It is not clear whether the craft was coincidentally hit or it was there precisely consequently. Maybe these advanced vehicles can collect energy from an assortment of sources, including, however not constrained to volcanoes, lightning and solar wind.


After lightning touches its surface, the UFO becomes noticeably obvious for roughly 30 seconds amid which it stays lit and enlightens the sky and clouds encompassing its huge body. Once the UFO vanishes, the encompassing range comes back to its typical radiance.

In spite of the fact that recordings like this are uncommon, they are not unbelievable. In a past article, we demonstrated to you an fleet of UFOs recharging their  their batteries during an electrical storm. Another video that rapidly became a sensation included an UFO leaving a lightning storm at a high speed.

Clearly aliens dependably require two things: human specimens and a mess of energy.




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