Many people believe in life after life and that they have had a completely different life in the past. Some even say that they have memories of their previous life. A three year old boy believes that he has had a past life in which he was murdered.

The possibility that the boy’s imagination is excessive, can not be excluded; however, the child recalls the past events very vividly. His memories go even further to the point where he actually was able to catch the person that murdered him and got the person’s confession. A German therapist has included the boy’s memories in his book called “Children Who Have Lived Before”

The youngster did not differ from any other three-year old until he started speaking about  what had happened to him in his past life. At the beginning his parents thought that he has invented a tale, so they didn’t take his confessions for granted. Slowly, things started to get more serious as the boy shared his memories and even told the location where his murder took place. And when a child speaks about being murdered, parents pay attention to its words and behavior. They went to the same spot,started digging and found a body.

When a three-year-old starts to talk about being murdered parents, tend to take things very seriously. They then checked the spot, and they began to dig, and when they did so, they came across a body. The youngster proceeded talking about his death in his past life and giving specific details. He claimed that he had been murdered by someone with an axe,hit on the same spot on his forehead where his birthmark is. He went on by telling them about another location where the weapon has been buried.  After all the people in the village checked the spot, it turned out that the boy was right and that the weapon was hidden on the exactly same spot. The boy also pointed to a specific person who had killed him in his past, but when they all went to face them , they actually gave up and made a confession to the murder. This could serve as a proof, among many others, that  reincarnation is in fact real.

Source: disclose.tv


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