A Fast UFO Flying was Filmed by a US Air Force Veteran, He Sent the Footage to MUFON for Investigation


The UFO was filmed with a DJI Phantom 3 Professional 4K aerial camera mounted on a drone above Ayden District Park travelling too fast to be spotted with a naked eye. The 59- year-old veteran was astonished after reviewing the recorded footage that showed a UFO flying in a blur under the drone.

The retired USAF veteran has told MUFON that he had never previously experienced anything similar in his 20 year military career and that this footage took him back.

The object travelled around 1.2 miles just in one-third of a second, meaning, it travelled at around 13,000 mph per hour or 17 times the speed of sound an altitude of just 50 feet.

The object on the footage can be seen clearly only when slowed down. It is when it stays on the screen long enough to be seen. The description on YouTube video says that it traveled 6200 feet (about 1.2 miles) in 1/3rd of a second.

The UFO was reported with MUFON and then a copy of the video was sent to NASA. Both agencies are investigating and anysing it.

The object looked like a solid metallic object which reflected or emitted its own light.It appears like a blur and it covers a distance during one-third of a second without making a sound.

MUFON’s North Carolina investigator Sanford Davis wrote in the official report that the object was not observed nor seen personally. It was spotted after reviewing drone footage and the whole sighting occured within a third of a second – a stroke arising in the background, streaking across the screen before disappearing in the foreground.

It appears as a white dot, turning into a ‘light disk’ right before it disappears off screen.”

Some users on YouTube commented that it has prosaic origins while the others see it as valid proof of UFO’s existence .

Without any doubts, the results of the NASA analysis will share the former’s opinion.

Source: www.ufoholic.com


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