Two years ago the editor of the website got a letter from an anonymous retired U.S.  Navy Engineer.

In his letter the officer, who calls himself “Brian”, describes his strange experiences flying cargo and rescue in Antarctica between the years 1983 to 1997. According to him there is cooperation between people and extraterrestrials, and this cooperation takes place on Antarctica.

He wrote that during his time in the Navy, he served in so called Antarctic Development Squadron Six or VXE-6 from about 1983 until his retirement in 1997. He describes the Antarctic as more alien then earthly. Most of the scientific work there was done from late September until the end of February when it is the summer season there.

He claims he flew all over the Antarctic Continent, as well as the South Pole more the 300 times and that McMurdo Station was the point of their squadron operation.  Allegedly several times he saw aircrafts flying around the tops of a mountain range called the Trans Antarctic which were not from their squadron.

Another thing he found strange was that they were not allowed to fly over a certain area 5 miles from the South Pole station which was explained as an air sampling camp. This did not make any sense to him since they had to fly over this zone two times. Once for the purposes of a medical evacuation of the Australian camp named Davis Camp. Flying over the so called air sampling camp, he noticed a big hole in the ice.

After that they were warned by some people, who in his opinion were Intelligence Agents, not to tell anyone about the zone they overflew. Another occasion they approached this camp they faced navigation and electrical complications on the airplane and had to leave the area instantly and report to their squadron commanding officer when they got back to McMurdo.

Another experience he describes is flying to outlying camp to take some scientists who disappeared for two weeks. The scientists did not speak to anyone from the crew on the aircraft and looked frightened.

After their return in McMurdo the scientists were taken to Christchurch New Zealand and they never heard of them again. Their equipment was put in quarantine and returned back to the United States accompanied by the same Intelligence Agents from before. There was a rumor among the flight officers that there is a UFO base at the South Pole.

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