UFO Footage Released By Chilean Navy

An  amazing video from the Chilean navy showing a UFO making unusual movements  has been released causing lots of speculations. CEFAA, the Chilean government agency which investigates UFOs, have been studying this footage for two years but haven’t succeeded in identifying the object seen in the country’s airspace. CEFAA  engaged military experts, technicians and academics from many disciplines, but none of them could explain the flying object from the footage gathered by a naval helicopter.

General Ricardo Bermúdez, Director of CEFAA during the investigation, said that they have no idea what it was, but they do not know what it was not either.

On November 11, 2014, a Chilean Navy helicopter (Airbus Cougar AS-532) was flying on a routine patrol mission west of Santiago. It was operated by a pilot and an experienced Navy technician who was testing a new camera used for medium-altitude surveillance. It was flying at an altitude of 4,500 feet,at a temperature of 10C at about 152 mph. At 1:52 am they spotted a strange flying object over the ocean. It was flying with the same velocity and at the same altitude as the helicopter at a distance of approximately 35 to 40 miles (55-65 km). The camera was immediately aimed towards it, zoomed in with the infra red (IR) for better clarity.

The route of the helicopter derived from the displayed geographic coordinates displayed on the camera

The pilot reported the unknown object to two radar stations in Santiago,but neither could detect it on radar even though the object was well within the range of radar detection. Air traffic controllers confirmed that no aircraft had been reported nor authorized to fly in the controlled air space. The on-board radar couldn’t detect the object as well. The pilot attempted to communicate with the UAP, but didn’t get any reply.


The object was being filmed for nine minutes and twelve seconds,in IR. the video was in black and white. The black, white and grey tones were directly related to temperature. Since the IR detected the heat, the image was got darker as the material filmed got hotter. The camera was stopped at the moment when the pilot and the technician decided to go back to base,whereas the object disappeared behind the clouds.

The nuclear chemist and a CEFAA scientific committee member Mario Avila interviewed the two officers at their Navy base. Avila claimed thate ven though  both of them were highly experienced professionals, still couldn’t be able to explain what they had seen. They both gave their written reports to CEFAA,too.

The Navy Captain described the object as a“flat, elongated structure” with “two thermal spotlights like discharges that did not coincide with the axel of motion.” The technician described it as as “white with a semi-oval shape on the horizontal axis.”

The footage is unusual because of the two instances od releasing some type of gas or liquid with a high thermal track or signal

The footage is unusual because of the two instances od releasing some type of gas or liquid with a high thermal track or signal. After eight minutes of duration of the video, stunning ejection of a massive very hot material trailing behind the object is noted.  The other ejection occured not long after the first one. Because of this the video seems pretty bizare.

Following are the three key video excerpts in chronological order. The first one shows the object in motion. The camera captured this for about eight minutes prior to the spectacular display in the next video.

This clip shows the first expulsion of the hot material from the object and the object’s movement away from the plume:

The second expulsion occurred at the end of the video:

Over the next two years, meetings were held with members of the baffled CEFAA scientific committee. According to CEFAA international affairs director Jose Lay, the general tone of the meetings was astonishment. No agreement could be reached to explain the video.

A rather somber meeting of the CEFAA scientific and military committee to discuss the Navy video. The DGAC Director presided (with his back to the camera)

Air Force photo analysts confirmed that the object was a real, three dimensional form with volume and that it “has control in its movements.” It was not affected by the winds, reflected the light, and threw out “some kind of energy.”

“It can be concluded that the object has all the characteristics to be classified as an unidentified aerial phenomenon,” wrote Alberto Vergara, the lead analyst from the Air Force Photogrammetric Department.

Written reports or video analyses,all radar, satellite weather data, and details of air traffic in that sector at that time were provided and all kinds of experts were engaged.

DGAC’s Director, Air Force General Victor Villalobos, attended two committee meetings on the case

French analysts proposed the object might be a medium-haul aircraft of some type.The discharges were dumping cabin waste water, which formed a plume. They said the distance between the two hot-spots which you can see in the video appear consistent with the distance between two jet engines in that size of craft. However, this theory fails in a few areas. First, such an aircraft would have been visible on radar and air traffic control would have known about it. It likely would have answered attempts to communicate with it. And such an experienced pilot would have recognized an airplane as a possibility, if this were the case. A

water discharge would have likely plummeted quickly, making the discharge in the video more likely to be a gas or energy, not water.

According to NASA, this could not have been contrails, as some have proposed, “Contrails are human-induced clouds that usually form at very high altitudes (usually above 8 km – about 26,000 ft) where the air is extremely cold (less than -40ºC). Because of this, contrails form not when an airplane is taking off or landing, but while it is at cruise altitude.”

Here is the full ten minute video of the sighting:





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