The Aliens Search for the Powerful Vajra

The Vajra is defined as a weapon of the gods. It is the most critical custom execute of Vajrayana Buddhism. In Sanskrit, the word Vajra is characterized as something hard or forceful and  symbolizes an impervious, powerful and indestructible condition of knowledge and illumination. The Vajra was an effective weapon, yet in addition a gadget fit for opening stargates to different planets.

Writings show that the Vajra was not generally an image of peace and serenity. In ancient India it was the essential weapon of the Vedic sky-god Indra, the lord of the Devas.

According to the Hindu Puranas, the evil Asuras, Namuchi and Vritra expelled the greater part of the light and dampness from the earth. It made the land aloof to living creatures. Indra fought the evil gods unsuccessfully and eventually called upon their incomparable god Vishnu for assistance.

Vishnu taught him that only a weapon that was neither strong nor fluid could murder Namuchi and Vritra. Vishnu had the celestial craftsman Tvashta design Indra a brilliant weapon he could use to vanquish the ghastly Asuras. The new weapon, called the vajra, discharged thunderbolts and helped Indra to destroy Namuchi and Vritra and restored the light and dampness back to the earth.

Vajra was a metal shaft with three, five or nine prongs that exude from lotus blooms on either end. According to the old Indian content the Rigveda, when Indra used his vajra it had open prongs. Buddhist legend says  that Shakyamuni, the Buddha himself, took the vajra from Indra and constrained its prongs shut, changing it from a dangerous weapon into a tranquil staff.

When Roosevelt and other high positioning authorities met with the agents of the Grays, they were told that they would offer them propelled innovation as an end-result of human kidnappings to empower them to continue their work on alien genetics program, or hybridisation.They were also told that they were searching for The Vajra which belongs to The Annunakis, they have to recover it and take it back to them.

My source proceeded by saying that he was sure that The Grays had no expectations of giving it back if they had discover it! This weapon is here on Earth and besides The Grays, numerous UFOs are dropping laser beams onto the ground trying it to find it. A shocking revelation by my source was that there is one of the alien race who is working intimately with the American government (He didn’t know whether it was The Tall Whites or The Grays) who knew where the Vajra was to be found, they told the American shadow government that it was deep underground in four countries which are geographically next to each other.

This alien race told the shadow government that they required a smokescreen of outstanding size so they could put a lot of  their “agents” in these countries. The American shadow government would receive a lot of riches and assets, but a lot of deaths were inevitable. To my question “Where are these countries”?,he replied:

“They are all on the 36th Parallel North in the Middle-East:

Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Syria

Can you now see a pattern” he said.

I was shocked to say the least!!!

He continued by saying: Why do you think Daesh has free passage on these territories? US planes keep dropping them ammunitions, resources and advanced weapons on a weekly basis, and when they get caught they say it was “an accident”! Turkey are providing them with finances, Israel are giving them free medical treatments, Saudi Arabia provides logistic and support.

These “agents” are working inside Daesh to recover the Vajra, otherwise called Indra’s weapon, and they couldn’t care less about the decimation they are causing to human lives. They won’t  stop until they discover it, and when they do, it will be the end for us as well.

UIP Summary:

My source is a very sane person, who holds a very high level position in a government, and he has his sources from higher entities worldwide.He has told me things in the past that were to be found true only years later

The American shadow government have been duped by these aliens, but they are too blind to see this because of their greed for power and monetary gains.  Four countries will be responsible for the apocalyptic end of humanity and there is nothing we can do to stop them.


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