Mysterious Coins Discovered in Ancient Egypt

Are these coins proof that there are Aliens? At least that is what conspiracy theorists believe.  The possibility that aliens did not stop observing the Earth has been widespread, however now ufologists say that aliens may be living among us.

One of the coins, discovered amid a house renovation in Egypt, depicts a spacecraft floating over the ground while another one the leader of an alien, with big empty eyes and a large, hairless head.

There are different explanations on why would aliens live on Earth. According to some, aliens plan to incite a war against people and destroy them so they can take over the planet and make a more advanced society. There is an inscription on the back of one of the coins “OPPORTUNUS Adest” which in Latin means “it’s here in due time.”

UFOs are being spotted all around the world almost every year, which causes conspiracy theorists to think that extraterrestrials have landed on Earth. According to some the inscription on the coins implies that aliens eventually plan to come back on Earth.

There is still no sufficient data with respect to the discovery, however nothing is definite at this moment. As far as we are concerned, it could all be matter of a fabrication.


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