It is expected that Putin will soon admit that there are aliens on Earth. And why Donald Trump did not do that?

It is expected that Putin will soon admit that there are aliens on Earth. And why Donald Trump did not do that.

It is an exclusive news that the present American president, as well the ones before him have not told the truth to the people that aliens have visited us and are present on our planet because according to their opinion that would destroy the American constitution and damage the world economy.

Conspiracy theorists claim that extraterrestrials have been collaborating with the American and other world governments as of after the World War Two, after the fall of a spaceship fell in New Mexico.

Paradigm Research Group CEO, Steve Bassett, is America’s only listed advocate for revealing the presence of aliens on Earth.

Like others he is persuaded the American administration has been collaborating in the dark with aliens as of 1947 and creating together new technologies, however it has been revealed anything due to the “truth ban”.

According to his opinion the reason for that is the effect it might have on religion, legal matters, and the oil business.

Mr Bassett thinks that nobody from the American government will ever acknowledge the truth ban due to the disclosure of the long infringement of the American constitution.

He has brought his in Russia expecting that the Russian president will stop the ban lastly acknowledge the presence of extraterrestrials on Earth.

Mr Bassett was given significant broadcast time on Ren TV, which is among the most popular Russian TV channels followed  by more than 120 million people, after his interview in the capital city of Russian last spring. The Russian reporter Natalia Pryguina was in charge of making the interview with him.

The TV program Most Shocking Hypotheses (самые шокирующие), documentary series on supernatural phenomena has broadcasted parts from the statement with Russian synchronization.

According to Paradigm Research Group spokesperson they are hoping that President Putin would be incited by Mr Bassett’s work with Russian representatives and his statement to reveal the truth about the presence of aliens on Earth.

PRG representative stated that Bassett included an expansive scope of subjects and different ideas that urge Russian President Vladimir Putin to be the first state official to officially admit the interaction of aliens with mankind.

He added that PRG trusts this to be the first occasion when anybody has stated this in the Russian media.

During his stay in Moscow Bassett met with different groups talking about the matter of aliens in Russia.

According to the spokesperson these meetings were with various retired Russian military and office authorities.

He added that the Russian citizens and government have always openly engaged in issues related to aliens in Russia.

Recently Bassett stated for that lot of people like him think that extraterrestrials have revealed the UFO anti-gravity flight technology for spaceships to the American Government, and if people find out the oil companies there would no longer be needed.

In America, the most secret projects are named Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAP), and he added that they include the collaboration with extraterrestrials.

He stated that they don’t recognize that these operations ever took place and that is possible that even the president, White House, and Congress not to be informed about it, however that is against the Constitution, and if it were acknowledged now, that would mean to reveal this breaking of the Constitution.

Mr Bassett thinks this is the reason why it is so hard for the US official to acknowledge the existence of aliens, and he has addressed to the Russian president.

In the Russian documentary the host Mr Prokopenko stated that scientists confirm that they are aware of the motives of the American officials to hide this info on aliens. If the facts about aliens is unveiled, that would mean an end to the entire world economy.





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