Following the buzz made in  mainstream media by Gary Mckinnon who managed to leak top secret files, the only details uncovered was his dramatic fight against his extradition in the USA.

The question remains - what do those top secret files reveal?

Gary McKinnon leaves the High Court in London on July 14, 2009. PHOTO: SANG TAN/AP

‘Non-Terrestrial Officers’ Excel Document Reveals

Gary McKinnon who had access to highly classified files made several extraordinary claims about the content yet there has been no response from Government, a fact which may cause a great suspicion.

One of his claims is that he discovered  elite ‘non-terrestrial officers’ which means that United States government hired personnel that has different origin than the Earth. And that is not all, according to the top secret excel worksheet, this military personal were escorted by ‘secret space fleet’ made up of dozens of warships pre-fixed with the title ‘USS’.

According to Gary Mckinnon:

“I found a found an Excel spreadsheet which said ‘non-terrestrial officers’ and I thought ‘oh my god that’s incredible”

Operational Colonies On Mars And The Moon

Lot of new outlets have become skeptical about Gary McKinnon  extraordinary claims and they hurry to dismiss them as false although there was some statements from people that matches his story.

There is William Tompkins, for example, he was an aerospace engineer working for NASA who leaked to the media the same claim that USA government have top secret space fleet  and that it is maintained by ordinary soldiers. This soldiers main duty, according to Tompkins, was to maintain the colonies and space vessels on both Mars and The Moon.

Another witness  echoed same claims. Corey Goode,  an ex  ‘Secret Space Program’ employee leaked information about existence of an operation whose main objective is seeking rich planets with any kind of form of life and to prepare them for colonization. The name of the project is  Project Solar Warden. He also claimed that Mars was first visited by Nazis in 1930 and after that in 1970s was colonized by Americans.

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There is a lot of skepticism about the statements of so called witnesses and their revelations about secretive US space program yet all their statements are similar.

Is it possible that McKinnon uncovered one of the biggest cover ups in the history?

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