Terrifying discovery of the Russian scientists: There is something hidden under the Arctic Ocean that will destroy us when it will be unleashed

Russian scientists have discovered the worst weapons of mass destruction in the world that has shocked them.

The team leader said that he had never seen such an amount of energy ready to destroy humanity. The head of the Russian research team reports on methane clouds that are 20 times stronger than carbon dioxide, which appear in the form of bubbles on the surface of the Arctic Ocean. Scientists have discovered this by exploring the region.

“The amount of released methane has shocked the Russian scientists who are exploring the seabed of the eastern Siberia epicontinental belt in northern Russia for 20 years,” reports Independent.

Igor Semiletov of the International Arctic Research Center at Fairbanks University in Alaska, who led the eighth joint cruise of the United States and Russia in the East Siberian Arctic Seas, said he had never seen such a quantity of methane released from the bottom of the Arctic Sea.

“Previously we used to find structures in the form of torches that had a diameter of around 10 meters. This is the first time we have found powerful structures with more than 1,000 meters in diameter. It’s incredible. The density of the clouds is particularly worrying. We have found hundreds such structures over a relatively small area, and the wider area should have several thousands of them,”said Dr. Semioletov.

The scientists estimate that there are millions of tons of methane under the Arctic permafrost. What are they most afraid of is that this methane, due to the global warming and the temperature rise each year and the melting ice of Siberia, could suddenly be released into the atmosphere.

Several such gigantic explosions would have the effect of hundreds of atomic bombs that would block the atmosphere. The mankind could not survive it. It would be the beginning of the end. Simply put, the humanity literally sits on giant nuclear bombs. It’s just a matter of time when they are activated, and it does not matter where, because the danger is global.

The team of Dr. Semyetov published a survey in 2010 that estimates that methane emissions in this region are about 8 million tonnes a year.




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