Go Pro is Being Launched Into Space and This is its Footage!

An amazing footage emerged taken by a Go Pro Hero 4 camera launched into space on a rocket!

The SL-10 rocket reached an altitude of 120,700 meters and speed up to 3800mph or 6115km/h.

With a view to the sky, it is unlikely to experience the whole beauty and the importance of the planet Earth, so Go Pro Hero 4 paves the way to a magnificent perspective depicting a real panoramic view of the Earth and showing its image, shape, area and its authenticity.

The first famous panoramic photo was taken by the astronaut William Anders in 1968, during the Apollo 8 spaceflight mission and was called “The Earthrise.” It was known as “the most influential environmental photograph ever taken” and the first color image of the Earth taken from space.

Nearly fifty years later, images of the Earth appear conveying its beauty.

Among many video footages from space which have been provided by NASA, this one was filmed by attaching a Go Pro camera to the six metres tall SL-10 rocket and then launched into space by UP Aerospace Inc on 6.11.2015.

The amazing view from Earth to the incredible space.

The uniqueness of planet Earth is depicted in this video. And this uniqueness does not only  refer to its beauty, but also to its features as it is the only place in the universe where life exists. Or so we know.

The uniqueness also aplies to the 21% of oxygen it contains in the atmosphere as well as to the one large natural satelite it possesses.

Enjoy the footage!

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