NASA Alerts that An Object is Approaching Earth

The official estimation says that we need to pay attention (again) to the potential danger of an object heading to the Earth. The asteroid Florence missed the Earth on September 1st, but NASA alerts that the object that they call “2012 TC4” is approaching the Earth and its closest approach will happen on October 12th. New Yorkers will be closer to it  than to Tokyo

The object is a bit smaller than Florence,however,this doesn’t help very much because it is much denser and faster. It is thousand times heavier than the Chelyabinsk meteorite that ruined a whole Russian city. The predictions are that it will make the closest approach to earth of any other asteroid of its size. To compare, imagine a watermelon (the Earth) being shot with a BB gun (the asteroid). It will get into the magma, after penetrating the crust and cause magma splashes as well as huge volcanic eruptions.

NASA’s official numbers predict that the probability of an impact is 1 in 600. However, more a coincidence occures,since  NASA is holding doomsday exercises on October 12th, the exact date that the asteroid is supposed to “miss” the Earth. It is very possible that they might be just preparations and not actual exercises. Probably not many people have planned to protect themselves on this event. Those who actually have, might need to consider it. The government could be keeping this information wrapped in order not to cause panic among people.


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