The Anunnaki Are Returning?

The Anunnaki might possibly be getting back to Earth based on the the latest interview from someone having  sources within Pentagon.

As reported by Stan Deyo,  who has held Above Top Secret Security Clearance and worked undercover for the FBI, reports that the rumours around the Pentagon hint that the Sumerian Gods are heading  back to  Earth once again!

Little Known: Comets ISON and Encke and their ties to Anunnaki

While we wait these two most talked about celestial objects to arrive, the question arises:

Why were the comets ISON and Encke were assigned those specific names?

The answer lies in etymology of those particular words.

Let’s explore ISON to begin with – the word “on” is correlated with the word An (pronounced “on”),  as in Anunnaki, as well as in the name of one of their leaders Anu (ON-nu). Now think about the IS in the ISON. The IS derives  from Isis – the equivalent figure in folklore to Inanna as well as the Sumerian Goddess, Ishtar. By dividing the word ISON to come to be IS + ON, you arrive at Ishtar, of the Anunnaki.

And then we have the second comet Encke. This celestial body is a lot more familiar to people who have previous knowledge about the Anunnaki. Enki (as with comet Encke) was a Sumerian God the deity of crafts, mischief, water, seawater, lake water, intelligence and creation. In addition he was also known just as Ea (the reason our planet is named EArth).


Numerous eyes of the people are directed toward the skies and focus  on  every single anomaly that can be identified as UFO. Many have faith that the UFO may very well be a Arcturian or Pleiadian space vessel. However others believe that it may be the long waited come back of the Anunnaki.

These people retain their faith and wait patiently for this return despite the fact that,according to the mobile phone app SkyEye as well as Stellarium in the specified region on the sky there are no large stars or planets.

From across the globe one can see from the countless testimonies as well as video materials that the UFO fluctuates in color and also in proportions. It takes on the appearance  of many different  sacred geometry shapes as well as the colors which switch frequently.

Faced with this evidence one can imagine  a whole new star showing up on the SkyEye, as well on Stellarium applications as governments  struggle to cover  up the UFO and thereby making us assume there’s absolutely no one else in the Universe.

Some people most probably would not acknowledge exactly what is manifesting in the night sky  and prefer to dwell in denial. Nevertheless, those people who have an open mind will certainly embrace the prospects and opportunities offered  by this return of the obsolete Gods - the Anunnaki.

Systems of Control

In attempt to cover up their trails and suppress the truth the Government agencies generally exploit the excuses of the information being “confidential” or perhaps a “security risk” , therefore it is extremely possible that the majority of the government agencies possess knowledge of the return of the Anunnaki. However they are afraid of revealing  it to the people  because it would certainly collapse their global financial slave mechanisms together with world religions as we know them.

According the Bible, King James Version.

In Genesis 1:26, it states,

” And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness…”

What we have here is,precisely, a template which is designed to utilize each and every single government

religion = subservience, control and conformity….

Could it be possible that the bible was written by the Anunnaki and intended to control the human race through the use of fear?

Gold Slaves

Based on the Sumerian story, Enki disobeyed his father, Anu, and also cared for the human beings. Ever since that time, Enki and Anu had been at conflict. Anu was considered one of the “creator gods”, he is actually the the one which modified our DNA transforming us into slave workforce to mine the precious gold on this earth for the Anunnaki.

This is almost certainly the key reason why the Roman Catholic Church possess a huge amount of gold in which according to some people there are amount to 60,350 tons of gold.

Pay attention of the pyramid on the backside of the US Dollar  there’s an “all seeing eye”. Can it be that the being at the very top of the pyramid are the Anunnaki which may have kept us as inexpensive slaves for many thousands of years?

The Awakening of human kind

No matter what unravels down this road, the most crucial factor is the fact that people are awakening from the tyranny and oppression that is taking place all around the globe. The instant everyone is awaken there’s hope for our entire planet, people are able to make a positive change, we certainly possess the strength and ability to make things right however we will have to be united on a universal level.

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