Giant Graves in Armenia Stay Great Secret

There are stories about giants everywhere in the world, yet the absence of adequate proof such as bones makes it extremely hard to ascertain that there were ever such big people on Earth.

This implies there is an immense discrepancy between the legends on giants and archeological proofs, could there be secrete giant graves we know nothing about?

Some places have never been adequately dug by archeologists which could be because of absence of funds or since researchers are not permitted to approach with authorization.

There are legends about finding giant tombs but they have never been proved whether they are true or false.

According to a local myth long time ago there was big city populated by giants. But where was it?

The search for proofs of the existence of giants brought us to Armenia and Georgia where according to the sayings giant tomes were discovered recently.

Scientist and historian Ruben Mnatsakanyan said that in 1984 when there was digging for a plant close to the city of Sisian in northern Armenia graves of extremely big people. According to him one had a bone of a weapon in his hand. Mnatsakanyan stated for “City of Giants” (TV channel “Culture”) that one of giants that was found was tall 4 m and 10 cm (13 ft and 3.9 in).

Arcrun Owsepian, chief of the historic convent complex, Goszawank also said that in 1996, during a construction of a street in the region, a skeleton was excavated that was about 22 inches bigger than the normal people.

Pavel Avetisyan, Director of the Institute of Archeology maintained that a massive skull and couple of giants were discovered in Gyumri, close to the Black Fortress. This may seem unusual, yet one cannot prove whether this true or false. Avetisyan said that only the finger of the giant was wider than an arm of the average people now.

In his well-known book “The History of Armenia” (fifth century) medieval Armenian history scientist Movses Khorenatsi talked about the presence of giants in Armenia.

The old deities were formidable and grand, and are responsible of the best endowments on the planet: the creation of the earth and its population. From them an offspring of colossal giants has divided. One of them was Hayk, a well-known and courageous head, and a precise bowman.

Armenians believe the establisher of the famous Haykazuni line Hayk (Հայկ) their predecessor. An old tale says he was a giant and he beat the Babylonian ruler Bel.

Is it probable some old buildings in Armenia were built by those giants?

Megaliths of Karahunge, Armenia

Among lot of unexplained riddles regarding exceptional ancient buildings of Armenia, there is a megalithic site of Karahunge (“Karahundj”) with many vertical 1 – 2.8 m high stone monuments of different shape. This site named “Speaking Stones” or “Stones with Voice” has been deserted and disregarded for a long time. Called the Armenian Stonehenge, the site has left a puzzle as are its mysterious constructors. Is it true that it was erected by giants? We don’t have the slightest idea.

Giants are mentioned in many sacred texts and books, including the Bible

Nowadays, lot of people from the Armenian villages still believe that there were cities of giants long time ago.

If we suppose that all these legends are false, then the investigation is over, but if we regard that some of these sayings are based on true events then we should ask ourselves some questions. For example what happened to these remnants of the giants? Were they buried again or stolen, or they are in some museum? Are they taken in some foreign country?

Robert Pershing Wadlow, also known as the Giant of Illinois was the tallest man who ever lived

But there is no answer to this. Since we cannot find adequate proofs that would clarify these tales, the so-called graves of giants stay an unexplained secret.

If you do not believe giants used to exist on Earth just think that there are still giants presently. For instance, the deceased Robert Pershing Wadlow from Illinois, who was the world’s tallest person. If there are people like him nowadays, then maybe there were ancient giants as well?



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