In 1994, NASA and the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO) had a mutual mission in which they launched the Deep Space Program Science Experiment, officially known as Clementine.

Soon after that, the 500-pound spaceship placed itself into Moon orbit and started sending photographs of Moon’s surface. With its best recording technology, Clementine was more than able to take high resolution photographs of the Moon’s surface. In its 300+ orbits, it had a lot of opportunities to accumulate significant information.

But even many were hoping to see the hi-res pictures, the Navy published pictures that were severely pixelated and in low quality.gif format and not much could be discerned from the published pictures.

Many were wondering how could those low-quality pictures be the best possible transmitted by a $200 million-worth space gear? It all stayed an enigma for some time. However, gradually, it was becoming clear the published pictures were obviously edited and censored. Different regions of the Moon had been deliberately blurred out as though NASA and the Navy were purposefully concealing something.

There are lot of photographs, on which the Clementine information demonstrated blacked out regions, similar to the following picture.

The area represented on the photo above is the Rainer Gamma, a 103 km-wide albedo area west of the Reiner crater. The official clarification for the dark square is ‘missing information’, however we cannot accept this.

The following photograph is another extraordinary case of picture editing. Similar like the previous picture, the same explanation of ‘missing information’ was given, but even laics can see that it has been deliberately blurred out.

The intentional cover-up gets even more obvious in the legendary Moon tower pictures.

Although they blurred out those mysterious structures, the manipulation artists nevertheless forgot a small detail. You can what see in the following zoomed picture.

This unquestionably resembles a solid object floating over the Moon surface. You can recognize its triangular silhouette and even the flippers at its backside. One can see these details in the shadow the object throws beneath as well.

The inquisitive and free personality can realize several things even from bad-quality pictures like the previous ones.

  • NASA and the Navy ought to have given more detailed photos. The fact that they did not implies that there is some secret motif for that;
  • The deliberate smearing further bolsters the belief that there are alien structures on the lunar surface;
  • If we’re being fooled about these alien structures, it makes sense that we’re being exposed to other, similarly disturbing deceits.

Normally, these suspicions are supported by the huge number of provable conspiracy theories, however take a look at for yourself in the video below where government informant Karl Wolf tells what he saw during his engagement in NASA’s Lunar Orbiter project.

Video link:


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