We cannot pretend that there are no climate changes anymore. For quite a long time, researchers have been aware about what’s going to happen, but have been quieted down by cash and the leaders of this world. Yet, if we’re to believe Edgar Cayce’s prophecy, we might have seen the signs much earlier.

At the beginning of the 20th century, American psychic Edgar Cayce started predicting and revealed things about Earth’s past. However, he maintained to have the capacity to foresee the future as well and the future did not look fortunate for humanity. He asserted that very soon, our planet will change and be unrecognizable.

According to him, our planet will split in many places. At the beginning there will be physical changes at the west coast of America, where open waters will emerge in the northern part of Greenland.

New lands off the Caribbean Sea will emerge. There will be earthquakes in South America, and new lands will appear in the Antarctic off Tierra del Fuego and a channel.

Some time ago, Antarctic researchers have noticed a break in this ice continent. Situated in the Larsen C area, the cleft is now 112 km long and is gradually expanding. The splitting of the Antarctic is evident in satellite photos that present big pieces of ice splitting all the time and floating away. If this new split gets to the sea and detaches Larsen C from the other ice, another iceberg with a surface of more than 6,500 square miles will have shaped. When this iceberg melts, the world sea levels could see an increase of 0.8 to 2 meters.

It is obvious that the Antarctic is melting and ocean levels will unquestionably increase, destroying shoreline areas. Weather will become even more unstable. In the present condition of our world, who knows what kind of damages harsh sea tempests and storms could do.

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