Researchers Come across Incredible Discovery in the Mediterranean Sea

Divers have found remains of a city long believed to be lost in the sea somewhere between Greece and Egypt. The city in question is the ancient Heracleion which was thought to be lost under water forever.

But 12 centuries later, off the cost of Aboukir, this antique City has at last been found.

The origins of the city are in the sixth century BC and it has the most incredible relics ever. Take a glimpse at this amazing sunken city discovered.

Objects such as majestic sculptures of deities reaching more than 15 feet and cut out of red rock, jewelry and gemstones and intricate shrines.

This is a colossal discovery among the archeologists and the museums have already started ordering the objects for exhibition.

This is a fantastic discovery that made scientists rush to this part of the world to find out about this unbelievably wonderful Egyptian city.

The circumstance that the city discovered in the sea has stayed intact sunken for such a long time is astonishing, apart from the fact that it is a matter of such a great discovery.


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