The Key Of The Alexander The Great Victories And Answer of The Mysteries Of The Universe

Deep in the womb of Mount Kozuv in the Republic of Macedonia, which is also known as the land of Alexander the Great, is the Alshar mine which has the rarest Thallium mineral deposits on the planet – Lorandite.

Lorandite is said to have powerful unearthly qualities which, if utilized, could have great significance for mankind. It is believed to be present in this pure form only in Macedonia and, potentially, in Sri Lanka.

Entrance of the Alshar mine image :

Alshar mine is located three hundred meters from the small village of Majden, in the depths of Kozuf, in the Municipality of Konopiste. The mine is  over 5.000 years old and had already been explored by the Ottoman’s Empire that ruled the peninsula until 20th century.

Two of the eight openings of the pits of the underground digging sites are six thousand meters long and made of cobblestone pathways. Today they are extremely damaged.

In Addition to these remarkable pits, covered up inside this Macedonian mine, a unique species of violet,  called “Viola Alsharik” is developing. It is found only in this region and no other place else on the planet. In the vicinity of the mine there are particular yellow rocks in whose openings can be found different creatures like human-like fishes swimming in the deep caverns.

Inside the Alshar mine image:

According to the media during the 1980s, a special project, called “Lorandite Lorex”, was set up and subsidized by a few European nations. However, with the beginning of war in the Balkans, the project was interrupted.

Lorandite is also related to legends concerning Alexander the Great. Reportedly, he first discovered its power when member of his phalanx were cleaning their shields with this mineral. His battles always took place at noon and with the movement of his army from west to east, there was a strong flare of light from shields that blinded the enemy. Accordingly, some consider this to be the secret of Alexander’s military victories. The legend is not scientifically confirmed but it is thought that the Alshar mine had been active in antiquity.

A hundred years ago, ore from Alshar was examined at the elite universities in Prague, Budapest, and Vienna, and unknown minerals were discovered in it. The first time lorandite was officially excavated in Macedonia was  in 1976 by American researchers. Until then, all extraction of ore from Alshar was forbidden.

Among the deposits of the Alshar mine is found the mineral Thallium which is thought to have the potential to unravel the so-called “neutron puzzle”, the key to validating or disproving the theory of standard solar system. In simple terms – to let us understand the function of the Sun.


Lorandite is virtually priceless because this mineral has the ability to attract and capture the neutrino (the sun’s principle particle) within itself. The neutrino from the sun goes through our bodies with billions of particles and when those particles come to the lorandite, they change this mineral and by tallying exactly, they can acquire the right amounts for comparing their exact values.

Scientists believe, when their hypothetical and empirical data merge together, we will have the “recipe” of the Sun, and we could artificially produce suns, which will exceed all other known energy sources. This particle contains inside itself not only the answer to the mystery how the sun was created, but additionally the creation of the entire universe.

Some local scientists have come forward in the past with the idea to have the mine protected by UNESCO and have suggested that it should be turned into a resort for global science tourism.

According to experts, many world scientists are very interested in exploring Alshar since the mine contains  the only known substance that has the power that could lead not only to greater understanding our past but also the future of our galaxy.

Today only the local villagers can be found in the vicinity of the mine. They recount stories about inquisitive strangers who come to visit. Helicopters with different markings, some governmental and some foreign ones, flying over their valley and mountain peaks, overseeing the openings of the pits and mine in full.

Right beside the mine, there is a small slope whose grass is always green. Neither man nor cattle can possibly step a foot onto it, they say. It will certainly topple down even the largest cattle which roam that pasture, mainly because it hills contains a high concentration of thallium, by far the most powerful poison. According to their stories, inside the mine, there can be found minerals that glow in the evenings, and this the thing that stirs the fantasy of all researchers coming to their village.

Today this mine and its mysteries remain a secret, buried deep in the ground, waiting for their re-excavation.

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