Eight Reptilian Characteristics in Human beings

Sumerian legend tells that the Anunnaki altered our genetics and made three types of what we now know as humans.

It is possible that the Anunnaki have reptilian DNA, since they mixed with their creations.

We don’t know exactly how our DNA was altered, but we know is that 44 of the 64 codons in our DNA are passive.

Moreover, our human DNA is significantly different from the other primate, since we have just 46 chromosomes in comparison with 48 in other primates. Two chromosomes seem to be joined, that could clarify some portion of the genetic change by the Anunnaki.

In the video beneath, Sean David Morton discusses our chromosomes, reptilians and other space species:

You may identify some in you or in an acquaintance the following reptilian characteristics in human beings: reptilian brain, lower than average body temperatures, lower than average blood pressure, an extra vertebra, hypersensitivity to light, Rh- blood type, lack of empathy, the ability to shapeshift.

We all have the most evident reptilian characteristic, the Reptilian Brain. Our “Fight or Flight” urge comes from there and what the mainstream media news aims when they broadcast propaganda. Reptilians seem to be paranoid and skeptical since they believe this part the most.

Video link:

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Dee Finney claims that the Reptilians are following those with Rh-Negative Factor Blood, who originate from the Draco Caverns in the Carpathian Mountains. They were usually red Haired, with Green Eyes and Black haired, with Brown Eyes. They wanted to mix with the Blond/Brown Haired, with Blue Eyes. They are Hybrids.  If two of them want to conceive a child it will generally die or be born a “Blue Baby”, since it is not breathing well. 5% of the Earth’s inhabitants at the moment are Rh-Negatives. However, they are 15% of the inhabitants of the UK and America.

It is very likely that we were planted on Erath by different star species, which could be the reason why there are different ethnicities, races, blood types, and Rh values.

Source: in5d.com

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