Researchers discovered that the soul is eternal and after death it returns to the universe

Science has attempted to research and clarify the idea of a human soul for a long time. They attempt to find out if there is an important connection between the man’s brain, mind and consciousness, and if it exists, what is its character.

How are they associated, are r they inter-reliant and to what extent?

Latest research defined the human brain as a ‘biological PC’ and says the human consciousness is some sort of a program that is run by a quantum PC which isn’t a different or some far off entity in the Universe, but it is believed to be inside our mind and it keeps on working even after the physical body passes on.

‘The spirit backpedals to the Universe, after individuals bite the dust. The spirit keeps on living,’ as indicated by specialists.

Experts claim that the soul returns to the Universe, after somebody’s death and keeps on living. Science, philosophy and religion debate whether the human soul exists for a long time.

In their Quantum Theory of Consciousness, the two researchers, Dr. Stuart Hamerhoff, an American physicist and Sir Roger Penrose, a mathematician suggest that the soul stays alive in the micro – tubules of the brain cells.

They add that our view of consciousness is the outcome of quantum gravity impacts arranged inside the micro – tubules.

The researchers created the word ‘Organized Objective Cut’ to title this procedure.

In other words, this hypothesis claims that when the physical body passes on and somebody goes into the ‘clinical demise condition’ brain’s microtubules lose their quantum condition, but the data in them is as still kept. This is how the soul does not depart, but it just goes back to the universe.


In the Science Channel’s documentary “Through the Wormhole”, Dr. Hameroff stated that when the patient is revived from a near death experience all the quantum data that was in the micro tubules of the brain start working again. But when somebody dies, it is likely that this data can exist outside the body, and is probably eternal, or what we know as a soul.

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