Are You a Devil or an Angel According to Your Sign?

– Libra

People that were born under this sign are said to be the most lovely and purest. God guaranteed these individuals were conceived with original  sin since he knew they were not going to submit another one. They are pure to the point that even  God sometimes aks for their opinion.

– Taurus

They have a generous heart and don’t hold hard feelings. Others call them a sweetheart. People born under this zodiac sign save  babies in fire, cats from trees and help old people when in trouble. Their only imperfection is that every now and then they are too decent for their own good which  can sometimes be hazardous in a world full of devils.

– Sagittarius

People with their sign in Sagittarius live their lives with a melody in their souls and a smile upon their face. They are always fun to be around and make other people laugh. Since truth is their greatest virtue, they can’t stand it when others lie. In those cases a bit of the Devil comes out of them.

– Pisces

These people have their own morals and stick by them. Usually people with this sign are minding, kind, sympathetic, and forgiving. Their only flaw is their propensity to get furious when they don’t receive their liberality and benevolence back.  In any case, they rapidly get over it as they realize that life is too short to enable the haters to agitate them.

– Aquarius

They’re caring, fair.and honest.  As the water-conveyor, their greatest characteristic is their constant readiness to do favors for others. They like the delight of bringing happiness to other people. Their only sin is their strong sex drive that may make them settle on rash choices.

– Leo

Wonderful, great, solid and respectable are their main virtues, until the point that they get on their awful side. At that point, they streak their fearsome teeth and additionally let out a thunder. They do great deeds until somebody crosses them.


They always  have a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other. Regardless of whether they act like a fallen angel or a devil extraordinarily relies upon their state of mind and what they had for breakfast. People with this zodiac sign resemble day and night, good and bad, and winter and summer,which makes them one whole full of contradictions.


– Virgo

They’re liberal, funny, warm, and clever. They’re also slaves to their wishes. Whenever somebody gets on their awful side, they may look for retaliation and not rest until the point when they have mortified their enemy.

– Cancer

They tend to begood people, however life tempts them very often. This implies that they find it hard sometimes to stand up to. It is their sincerest expectation that God is forgiving.

– Aries

People born under this zodiac sign have numerous indecencies, including sex, drinking, manipulating, conning, betting, cheating, lying, or deceiving. Be that as it may, they’ve it secured like a star. Their recovering worth is their great humour—they love making people laugh before fucking them over.

– Capricorn

These individuals would prefer not to do great since it is for suckers. They do evil things until they are caught, and after that they will put on a show to apologize. They are constantly head for more, implying that they aren’t frequently happy with what they have. They are normally manipulative and utilize other individuals while climbing their way to the best.

– Scorpio

Scorpios are truly devils that walk on the earth and living exemplification of malevolence. Notwithstanding, their sex advance is excessively solid, with the goal that it might push others to the edge of total collapse, asking for a taste.



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