According to researchers when we dream we travel to parallel universes

It is possible that in this world we have a doppelganger bringing different decisions and visiting places in some way then show themselves in our dreams.

For a long time people have been asking themselves about the significance of dreams. How come people have dreams of something that happens in the future and how come dreams have so many concealed messages?

Is it possible that in our dreams we are able to see something happening in a parallel Universe?

The people in the past wanted to know about dreams as present researchers. Ancient Greeks and Romans thought that dreams bring messages from the divine beings. Ancient Chinese thought that in dreams they visit the world of deceased. Ancient Egyptians were persuaded that the people who understand dreams were very powerful.

Lot of Native American tribes and Mexican nations thought that we visit a parallel universe when we dream.

“Dream” originates from an old English word that signifies “happiness” and “music.”

Nowadays we are aware that dreams are usually articulations of thoughts, emotions and occasions we think of during sleep.

We can dream in color and all senses could be incorporated– smells, sounds, sights, tastes and touch. There is more information on dreams nowadays since scientists are able to record people brains while they are dreaming.

Throughout the years researchers found out a lot about dreams, however lot of things stay unexplained.

For very nearly one century science has been followed by a dark mystery: that there may be unknown universes we cannot perceive.

According to mystics such places exist and they have ghosts and spirits. The scientist do not want to be linked with such superstition, however as of the 1920s physicists have been attempting to understand an awkward disclosure. In their attempt to locate the correct place of nuclear particles like electrons they discovered it was totally impossible. That is why researchers are increasingly interested in the possibility of parallel universes.

The only clarification anybody could conclude is that the particles simply don’t exist in our world. They exist in parallel worlds, as well and there are a countless number of these parallel worlds, every one of them somewhat different.

For example, there’s a parallel world where Napoleon won the Battle of Waterloo, or the British Empire kept its American colony, or one in which you were never conceived.

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The limit between physics and metaphysics is determined by whether some hypothesis can be tested in an experiment, and not by whether it is strange or includes unnoticeable objects. The borders of physics have slowly spread to include more abstract (and once otherworldly) ideas, for example, a round Earth, imperceptible electromagnetic fields, time stoppage at high speeds, quantum superpositions, etc. Lately the idea of a multiverse was added to this list, stated Max Tegmark, Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  

In an alternate world you might have a copy of yourself, who might do some things differently and whose life is slightly different than yours. This could explain why some people dream about a place they never been before, or thing that that have not yet taken place. Maybe some of our dreams present a glimpse into a parallel world.


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