Gordon Cooper, who broke the record and orbited our planet 22 times, thinks his photos could uncover submerged ships loaded with disappeared fortune worth billions of dollars.

The people were persuaded that Cooper’s main goal was to explore the impacts of delayed weightlessness on the body.

However, he was entrusted with taking lots of pictures of Earth to discover proof of an alleged Soviet atomic rocket location close to the US.

Presently, 13 years after he died in 2004, people are hoping to find fortune in the depths of the oceans with the help of his photos.

While he was orbiting around the Earth, Cooper came up unusual discoveries which he thought were sunken ships.

After he came back home he started comparing his discoveries with Maritime information to make the intriguing fortune maps.

Darrell Miklos, who was handed the reports just before Cooper’s demise, intends to go after the submerged fortune in a documentary film showed on the Discovery Channel.

He was given the mysterious records when Cooper got sick with Parkinson’s and he expects to demonstrate that the theory of his friend is true.

He wants to honor the astronaut who was like a father to him.

The team of scientists and divers began with five sites — out of many — which have all been confirmed to have shipwrecked material.

Cooper’s Treasure debuts only in the UK on Discovery Channel, 10pm, Tuesday April 25.


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