According to conspiracists governments are using chemicals to spray the sky so we would not see planet Nibiru

A month ago, conspiracists foresaw that the end of the world was near, since Planet X, or Nibiru, was about to incite tremors that would cause the Armageddon.

Although their forecasts fortunately didn’t happen, now they have another hypothesis, this time including the moon.

According to this unusual hypothesis the governments are concealing Nibiru by splashing chemicals into the skies.

Matt Rogers, who frequently publishes conspiracy videos on YouTube, foresaw that Nibiru would incite quakes that would destroy the world on November 19.

But after this did not happen, Mr Rogers has thought of a clarification.

In another video, Mr Rogers presents couple of pictures of the moon and sun taken on different places in the world.

Talking around a picture of the moon over Austria, Mr Rogers claimed that we would have to see the moon, and not the beam.

According to him that was a reflector and not the moon, because the moon does not have a blue sky around it and it was too bright, too white.

Then he added that the photo contains unnatural cloud formations, which in his explanation are drawn by pilots, who spray our sky with chemicals to conceal Niburu.

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He said that they are doing that at different times of the day and the month, which proves that it is some kind of cover up.

Although this hypothesis may seem to you as really crazy, some people have supported Mr Rogers’ forecasts. But there are many that are not persuaded. Among them is also Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigations Manual.

According to him there are people who simply don’t want to acknowledge a scientific stand and thrust all kinds of stuff.

Nibiriu’s existence still has not been confirmed, and in September, NASA had to give a statement to calm down doomsday fears.

According to them there is no such planet and that the story about it or similar stories are internet hoax. There is no evidence for these claims.

They added that if Nibiru existed and was on the way to crash with Earth astronomers would have been following it for at least the last decade, and it would have been visible to everyone by now.

So it can be concluded that it does not exist.

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