Auras and the Meaning of Each Color

All human beings have an aura. Their energy field can be sensed,felt and seen around. Your mood, what you’re doing and what you’re experiencing in life all determine the colors of your aura at any given time. We can all sense if a person is full of anger and doesn’t feel good or if they are content and feel deeply. To feel somebody’s aura, you don’t have to be  psychic.

Our energy can be stolen even if a person walks past, or if someone reaches out and grabs our arm. People can interrupt our energy when they stand very close to us,occupying our space and we back away feeling uncomfortable. These slight intrusions into our aura can interrupt the natural flow of our personal energy.

Auras are associated with people,but in fact it is all about people’s energy.  Feeling someone’s aura or someone’s glow is actually an insight of a person’s spiritual, emotional and physical aspects.

Colors exist everywhere around us and each one has meaning and denotes a message from your higher self, God, dreams,and you don’t have to be a Metaphysician to understand their importance.

Usually people associate the color white with God, pink with love and purple with royalty or spirituality. Here is a brief outline of primary colors and their interpretation:

Red Aura:

Red Aura people enthusiastic and energetic always in search for new adventures. They are adventurous in terms of food,travel and sexual partners. They wish to experience everything often putting themselves in a risk.They are impulsive and  lose their temper easily.On the other hand they always find time for their friends and are usually helpful.

These type of people are often very strong in body and mind, so they are not subjected to physical or mental illness easily. Because of their good health, they tend to be physical and sporty. People with this aura can easily become bored and move on to their next interest, project or partner often leaving some unfinished work behind. But, if they concentrate and stick to their work, they become very successful and wealthy.

Red Aura people are direct  and honest without any have hidden agendas or ulterior motives. They are what you see is what you get types of people.Above all they are very competitive and dominant. They refuse to take orders from anyone, don’t manage well as team players because they are very authoritative and prefer running the business by themselves.

Yellow Aura:

Yellow Aura people are analytical, logical and very intelligent. They are usually brilliant in  teaching and study and become excellent inventors and scientists. They are  workaholics to the point where they put their work above personal relationships.

They are happy when they are on their own but they can also become withdrawn and depressed when they are stressed. They are excellent communicators even in front of a crowd.It comes out of their confidence and their ability to inspire others and deliver the message.

Yellow Aura people are wonderful observers with a great perception. Since they are very independent,they choose their friends wisely according to their wit and intellect. They are very rational when it comes to difficult choices and decision making. They might seem eccentric because of their unusual hobbies and interests in the  avant-garde.

Their main flow is their criticising nature as they can be very criticial of themselves and others.

Pink aura:

Pink Aura people are loving and like giving and receiving love,gathering their friends and family and dedicating their time to them. They take care of their health and pay attention to their diet, nutrition and exercise.

They are romantic people,faithful and loyal to their partner. They are very sensitive and have strong psychic abilities. Because of their creativity and imagination, they usually make good writers of novels, poetry or song lyrics.
These people hate injustice, poverty and conflicts. Instead,they try to make the world a better place even through their personal sacrifices. They impose a strong will,strong values and high standards and discipline.

Green aura:

Green Aura people are extremely creative and hardworking and search perfection in everything they do. They are very down to earth and never get carried away by dreams and unrealistic ideas.

They excel in gardening, cooking and home decorating. Because of their fine taste they are often both practical and beautiful.

Green Aura people are always very popular, admired and respected. They are capable of creating wealth and prosperity and at the same time they want security, stability and balance in their lives.They always think twice before acting or planning,so they almost never make impetuous mistakes.

Green Aura people care about their friends a lot and they treat them with generosity, loyalty and practical advice.  They choose their friends carefully and tend to keep them for a life time. Green Aura people have a nutritious diet, are usually among the healthiest people. They love nature and outdoor activities.

Orange Aura

Orange Aura people are nice, generous and social people that love being in a company of many people. They are very friendly,thoughtful and like treating their friends with gifts. They have a good heart and are very emphatic.They feel the pain of the others and help them unselfishly. People often find them charming and feel nice in their company.

The Orange Aura person quickly loses their temper, but they also forget and forgive quickly after an apology. They rarely hold their anger for a long time.

They are also very confident and know how to take the best of it,so they seem happy and successful. On the other hand,they can also be impulsive and find themselves quickly in different projects,relationships and experiences after which they bear the consequences.

Purple Aura

These type of people are highly sensitive people, psychic and emotional. The appear mysterious and secretive.  They have a small circle of close friends which they respect,love and admire. They are not so lucky in love,but to the partner they choose, they are faithful and loving for life.

Purple Aura people love nature and animals and take great care of them. They usually adopt strays because their loving and caring nature finds it difficult to them leave or neglect them.

Blue Aura

Blue Aura type of people have the strongest personalities. They have the best communication skills and are able to express their thoughts, ideas, views and concepts eloquently and charmingly. That is why they usually become the greatest writers, poets and politicians.

Being very intelligent and intuitive, they bring decisions and make choices with a good balance. They influence other people with their ability to motivate and inspire.

They avoid conflicts and are able to finish an anpleasant fight calmly and smoothly. They value honesty, clarity and direct communication. Their flaw is that they work very hard ,to the point of neglecting their personal relationships.

Gold Aura

Gold Aura people appreciate beauty and art. Their home is full of artistic items of exquisite beauty. They are very friendly and love being in a company of many in which they like to entertain and sometimes be the center of attention.

People find them attractive and they usually get attention and compliments from others. It is one of the reasons why they have so many friends. They like getting, but also giving time, energy and love generously. As an addition to their attractiveness is their charm and charisma.

They usually can’t stand criticism and they try not to expose any of their flaws.  Their main flow is their lavishness and generousity as they like impressing people by giving them gifts and host social gatherings,even if they can’t afford it.

They are very independent,so they rarely need or ask for help.


White/Silver Aura

Silver Aura people are gifted with sensitivity, intuitiveness, psychic ability and practicality. Above all they are very spiritual. It is the reason they easily connect to many people and are often brilliant in teaching, mentoring or counseling.

They adapt very easily and get the most of every situation they find themselves into. The bring quick decisions and act fast.

Silver Aura people are considered very attractive,but they choose their lovers and friends wisely. Besides the good looks, their personality,charm and talent makes them very fortunate and successful.

Brown Aura:

Light Brown is assciated with confusion or discouragement. These people lack their confidence. Dark Brown refers to selfishness, fault finding, and deceitful tendency.

Black Aura:


Associated with hate,negative emotions, illness,poverty, depression and misery. It is never considered as a good sign.



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