Warning Signs from the Universe that You Need to Pay Attention To

A lot of people believe that things are just happening to them, but if we rely on our intuition, we realise that everything that happens is actually a result of our own creation.

It is impossible to be always aware of our creation of such moments. Luckily,the universe sends us many signs to let us know that we are on the right path,as well as warning signs to show us that we are on the wrong path and that we haven’t been true to ourselves.

Usually, the warning signs from the universe appear in a form of unpleasant situations and occasions. They send us a message that our energy is at a low vibrational frequency. So,the creation of these unpleasant situations is formed by our negative thoughts,feelings and actions.

As oposed to this, life flows and pulses in a good vibe once we move our thoughts,feelings and actions to a high vibrational frequency. It is followed by good time and good luck throughout the whole day.

Even though the shift to a high vibrational frequency is very possible, still it is a challenge for all of us to keep the same level of frequency all the time. This occurs because we live in a physical dimension which is terrestrial and much slower than the higher,etherial dimensions and our vibrational energy is much lower.

That is why we often experience unpleasant situations, but apparently it is ok,as long as we follow these warning signs (without obsessing over them), we are able to get back on the right path easily.

Here are some examples of a few warning signs from the universe that we can take a note of:

Warning Signs From the Universe

  1. Getting ill all of a sudden
  2. Getting dirty looks or being scolded
  3. Getting injured
  4. Expenses or bills that you don’t expect
  5. Strange unpleasant feeling
  6. Feuding with your loved ones
  7. Strong desires to change your life
  8. Headaches
  9. Losing or breaking your possessions
  10. Unpleasant smell, sound or taste

All these signs indicate to a need of a change in our mood and adjustment to a higher frequency. The moment we note some of these signs, we need to stop stop with working on that task, or having that conversation, or obsessing over that thought because it is not leading us anywhere.

What you need to do is relax,take a deep breath,restrain from that situation and even meditate if you can. Catching the sign and responding instantly means centering yourself and stopping the negative energy flow.

What is important is not to obsess and think about the sign.You lower your vibrational frequency by talking and thinking about it. Instead, take it as a simple notion and move frome it. Taking care for our vibration, paying attention to our thoughts,feelings and actions that are in the same level with our soul’s natural frequency, is a key to a comfortable life.

Source: thespiritscience.net

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