Alien Species to Rule the Earth

There have been tons of sightings, abductions, and first-hand accounts throughout time that have made it possible for us to distinguish between many alien species. These species have had ties with our military forces for quite some time now and have been deciding our fate without consulting us at all. Below you will read about the main seven fighting for control over the Earth.

  1. The Sirians

They come from the Sirius B star system and are extremely advanced. Throughout history, they have given their knowledge to human civilizations in which they chose. This race supplied the ancient Egyptians with astronomical and medical information. The temples and great pyramids themselves are believed to have been built with help from the Sirians.

Other civilizations who benefitted from the Sirians were the Mayans. They had a very special relationship with the Sirians. The Sirians shared lots of information with them it seems they  may have actually had something to do with disappearance of the Mayan civilization itself.

The Atlanteans were said to have also had contact with these other worldly beings it has been said that when it event that happened causing the sinking of Atlantis the Sirians were leading the rescue operations. While they have played a major role in throughout our past it seems they are playing a more subtle role nowadays through technology exchange programs. They are also  often mentioned to be in connection with exotic weapons research and time travel experimentation of all sorts.

2.   The Short Grays

This race is more commonly known as the Zeta Reticulum these grays are some of the more well-known aliens as they are the ones who take part in abductions and human experiments. Judging by most descriptions of them they are about three or four feet tall and have huge bulbous heads with oversized black eyes. While they do have a mouth they do not speak much at all most of their communication is done telepathically. These aliens are emotionless and cruel.

3.   The Tall Grays

These Aliens stand about seven or eight feet tall, are completely hairless, and very pale. The Gray Masters work as ambassadors pretty much for meetings between human and alien forces of all sorts. They represent human and gray biological material combined which helps them to assist the Short Grays with their interactions with humans.

This species performs many different kinds of genetic experiments they have even succeeded in creating a hybrid Human-Gray race. This was done through an agreement with the ‘shadow government’ they represent which is claimed to be originated from a star in the Orion constellation system. These Tall Grays oversee all human experiments and abductions but prefer to allow their minions the Short Grays to actually perform these experiments. They are very interested and working hard to stabilize their Human-Gray hybrid race, a race that will be worthy of inheriting the Earth. The Tall Grays are very advanced, self-centered, and place very little value on human life. To them, we are considered nothing but property. 

4.   The Alpha-Draconians

This race is vicious and corrupt they infiltrated human society long ago and are the oldest known reptilian race in our galaxy. While they did come to earth from their colonies on Alpha Draconis their original home is unknown and probably always will be. This species is unlike the others. They lay eggs and use a battle hormone to speed up the birthing process. These aliens are said to be very large ranging anywhere from fourteen feet tall to twenty-two feet tall. They weigh usually an estimated 1,800 pounds and are pure muscle. You could compare them to the T-Rex. These aliens have black leathery brown bellies made up of scales, whiskers along their chins and some even have multiple abdomens.

They are an extremely intelligent race and are said to be the reason behind the repression of the human population. Claims have been made that they view themselves as the first intelligent species to evolve in the Milky Way Galaxy. They have populated many different worlds and continue to exploit the human race. 

5.   The Native Reptilians

These Reptilians are said to be native to Earth itself. These Reptilians are said to be about six to eight feet tall and have a green scaley body. There is very little information on this race but it has been stated that they were left behind by the Alpha-Draconians to colonize the Earth.

They have been interacting with humans for over thousands of years, it seems they have gotten into positions of power and have infiltrated all aspects of human life. Reptilians have been said to be very hostile toward  humans. They are the ones who built our financial system and even influence all of our religions. They are behind most if not all crimes against humanity.

6.   The Anunnaki

If you know anything about science you might know that we have a 12th planet in our solar system called ‘planet x’. This planet is referred to as Nibiru which is located somewhere far beyond Pluto. This planet is inhabited by the Anunnaki who originally colonized the Earth. They came with the intention to mine the Earth for gold and other minerals and live in a small colony. Before they came to Earth this race even colonized the planets in the Orion star system.

This race is said to have created mankind because they needed a workforce. This species have been present on the Earth ever since the birth of mankind and has influenced every aspect of our lives as humans. We have inherited many things from our father species like their patriarchal culture of violence and vengeance. It seems now the Draconians and Anunnaki are in a direct competition with one another over control of mankind.


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