The US Government’s Secret Agreement With the Greys

The correct day is uknown yet most sources show that the agreement occurred in 1954. Around then, an advisory group of Grey aliens would have achieved Edwards Air Force Base, with the purpose of reaching Dwight Eisenhower, the US President then.

The agreement is known as the Edwards Agreement or, as Dr. Dan Burisch called it, the Tau IX Treaty for the Preservation of Humanity.

The outcome of the discussions was a common objective, one that would be a great deal  beneficial for those included. The arrangement determined that the US Government would let people to be snatched all the time and the Greys seriously guaranteed they would bring them back securely after deleting their memory.

Abductees though, affirmed that the circumstance was a bit different. Most of the individuals who were grabbed by aliens could actually remember all the details of the incident.

In return for enabling the Greys to have human guinea pigs, the Government managed to obtain advanced alien information and innovation. Another ‘clause in the agreement’ was the trade program of ministers from the two sides. The number of the involved in this trade program is unknown , however the most famous are Crill, the reptilian from the Draco star grouping and J-Rod, the Gray from Zeta Reticulum.

The Edwards Agreement was the apex of a progression of occasions that started in 1947, when the crash of an alien spacecraft occured near Roswell, NM. In this crash, a few alien bodies were found. This occurrence without a doubt brought issues to light towards the UFO marvel and verifiably offered ascend to modern ufology.

In 1949, another crash occurred in New Mexico yet this time, there was one survivor left. He was named EBE, which is short for extraterrestrial natural element and all the details he gave enabled the US Government to reach his people. This was achieved by using a device with the help of EBE. The communication went well for a year and paved the way for the next occurance.

The evening of February 20 to 21, 1954, while making the most of his get-away in Palm Springs, California, President Dwight Eisenhower briefly vanished. It is thought he secretly went to the Edwards Air Force base for a meeting with the Greys. His official explanation was that he had a dental grip thus he went to the local dentist.While the meeting went as arranged, there were some startling results. The arrival was kept mystery so as to perceive how individuals would respond when faced with technologically advanced aliens. The warriors at Edwards AFB  had no preparation before the occasion,so they were the unaware test group of onlookers.

This approach would later turn out to be deplorable, as a high level of those present started experiencing different mental afflictions, dysfunctional behavior psychosis, criminal aims and suicide.

A few admissions have surfaced consistently, from individuals who say they saw the occasion firsthand. Gerald Light, a famous metaphysical community leader at the time, said that  his association was gaging the impact this breakthrough would have over the overall population.

My dear friends: I have just returned from Muroc [Edwards Air Force Base]. The report is true — devastatingly true! During my two days’ visit I saw five separate and distinct types of aircraft being studied and handled by our Air Force officials — with the assistance and permission of the Etherians! I have no words to express my reactions. It has finally happened. It is now a matter of history, wrote Light.

According to Light, a few other essential figures were available at the meeting. Among them was Eisenhower’s financial counselor, Dr. Edwin Nourse, who offered his mastery on the potential financial result of a first contact with keen outsider life. Additionally he said that a few religious leaders had gone to the meeting,each having specific roles.

A former Naval Intelligence officer William Cooper, claims that some objects traveling towards Earth were seen in 1953. They were first thought to be asteroids,but it was later decided that they were really space ships. Two particular missions, Project Sigma and Project Plato set up contact with the extraterrestrials, through binary code.

Cooper recognizes two outsider races: the Nordic ones, friendly towards humankind and the Greys, who had distinctive objectives with people. He says the Nordics made a contribution to a non-aggression arrangement between peopole and the Greys. The settlement told that outsiders and people would not interfere in each others’ affairs. They could frequently snatch people for medical and scientific purposes,but would do them no harm. People would then come back to their snatching point, with no memory of the occasion.

Their requests were that people break apart their nuclear weapons. They pointed humankind’s reckless potential and furthermore censured the way that we were murdering each other, hurting the planet and squandering its normal assets. The advisory group took their requests in a suspicious manner, claiming that nuclear disarmament was not in the inetrest of the United States since it would leave the world unprotected from an alien threat. Eisenhower at last rejected their suggestion.

Did this meetings truly happen? If yes,they would  confirm the overall UFO marvel. In any case, over 60 years have gone since the claimed First Contact, and authorities haven’t revealed anything yet.


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