Since the time of the Enlightenment, science and religion have seemed to be opposing each other. Then it seemed that the purpose of all scientific achievements was just to undermine religion and to promote atheism. So, maybe it seems ironic that in the present era when researchers have such advanced equipment and know more about the universe than ever in mankind’s history, it seems that their achievements indicate towards the old idea of a creator God.

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At the beginning of the 20th century, researchers thought the universe is eternal. This implies it was believed that the mass, the space and the energy of the universe had existed since forever and that there was no absolute start. In the early 20th century this concept was opposed by the discovery of the cosmologist Edwin Hubble, who found that the universe is growing. By mathematical backwards engineering he established that the universe couldn’t have been timeless and that it probably had a birth.

This concept was not well accepted among researchers, among which also Albert Einstein, who was very opposed to the possibility that the universe could have had a starting point. The British astronomer Sir Frederick Hoyle was especially vocal in his resistance to the concept, cynically calling the alleged starting point of the universe ‘the big bang’.

Incidentally, it would be this insulting nickname that would be embraced by scientists when the confirmation of the starting point of the universe could no longer be ignored. In 1992, the COBE satellite tests doubtlessly established that the universe had a starting point, a big bang of light and energy that exploded into being from the void and made everything in the universe.

According to astronomer Robert Jastow, it can be concluded that there was something like a blast of a cosmic nuclear bomb. The moment in which it burst, marked the beginning of universe. The deduction is that everything in the universe appeared from nothing.

For the first time in hundreds of years, researchers had with a scientific find where God could unmistakably be seen. The great energy of the big bang and its appearance out of the void implied that it had been controlled by something or somebody of endless and mysterious intelligence – could that possible be a creator god?

Glimpses a creator god became more apparent as more scientific discoveries were made. Physicists found that in order life to be possible, gravitational forces and different physical laws must be adjusted in a precise manner, or the universe would not exist at all. According to the famous physicist Stephen Hawking, if the rate of spreading one moment after the big bang had been just bit smaller, the universe would have re-collapsed before it achieved its current dimensions.

Life on this Earth is far more amazing and impossible. The size, temperature, closeness to the sun and moon and the chemical composition of our planet are adjusted in such an exceptionally exact manner, to the point that life is probable. If just a single of these conditions was put somewhat awry, then life on Earth could have never prospered. The possibilities of this occurring are very distant, or one in a trillion-trillion-trillion-trillion-trillion.

In 1953, researchers discovered something that has made even the most impassioned atheists to start accepting intelligent plan in the universe –DNA. Because of the incredible complexity and elaborate design of the brains of every cell in people-made one of its discoverers, Francis Crick, to say that it just couldn’t have been from this planet and probably originates from space.

According to him only a pinhead example of DNA comprised sufficiently data to construct a heap of paper book books that would cross our planet 5000 times. Additional studies in this sphere have discovered that DNA works with its own language which amazingly resembles the code of complex computer program. These facts caused the prominent atheist and positivist Anthony Flew to start believing in God.

Regardless that science was once observed as a definitive risk to religion it now seems that it is one of the best instruments in pointing towards the presence of some type of greater, creative power in the universe.


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