What Kind of Secrets Lies Within “The Devil’s Bible”? - The Greatest And Most Intriguing Book In The World

A significant number of the common people have not yet heard about the existence of “CODEX GIGAS”, popularly known as “The Devil’s Bible”. It is a gigantic book that contains mystery-filled manuscripts. It portrays in detail the presence of demons and the dark universe of the Devil.

This book was written in the thirteenth century and is not only of particular interest to students of supernatural phenomena and individuals who have faith in the afterlife, but also to ordinary people and readers who, no matter how much they don’t put stock in such things as devils and demons, remain intrigued as to who is behind such mysterious manuscripts, and who are the people who wrote the pages of such a book loaded with riddles, dogmas and mysteries that leave no one indifferent.

Most likely the truth will remain hidden forever in the past. Only the old dusty covers and yellowish printed sheets will remain silent witnesses to secrets from which todays and future generations will seek answers that may never be revealed.

From what is known about “The Devil’s Bible”, this book was written in the thirteenth century, and the legend says that it was written by a Benedictine monk from the city of Podlagice in the Bohemian region of today’s Czech Republic.

The monk allegedly committed a huge sin while serving in his monastery, and as a punishment, he should have been buried alive. Keeping in mind the end goal to evade his sentence, he promised the other monks that he would write a religious text in one night such as the world had not seen before.

With the agreement of his brother monks, he began to write the same evening. However, after a brief period, he realized that it was unrealistic for him to compose the book for one night. After falling into despair the monk requested assistance from the Devil who offered to help him, yet in return, he asked for his soul.

As a consequence is the belief that “CODEX GIGAS” was composed by the devil himself, so that is why his portrait decorates the covers of the book.

But nonetheless, contrary to legend and tradition, science indicates something different.Forensic scientists believe that the book is composed of only one person. This was determined by the comparative analysis of the ink and the manuscript.


According to them, the author was a monk and composed the book for many years, most likely as repentance for sin.

Forensic scientists took into consideration the texts and images and found that in order to compose the book it was vital for a person to work on it without halting for the whole number of years and therefore, as per their evaluations, the writing of “CODEX GIGAS” lasted for 25 years, including the development on covers that were made of donkey leather, as well as making illustrations and drawings. 310 fragments or about 620 pages were made of vellum, and for the production of them required skin of about 160 donkeys.


Calligraphy is lavishly illuminated, including the wooden cover decorated with metal. The devil’s portrait faces the “Heavenly City”, the only other picture in the book. Some scholars believe that this picture negates the portrait of the Devil, while others note that in the picture of the city in the sky one cannot see people inside. Devils’ portraits were common for medieval art, but in “The Devil’s Bible”, the image of the Devil and the “Heavenly City” (the picture depicted below) cover the whole page with a size of 50cm.

However, “The Devil’s Bible” has survived the gloomy medieval periods in Europe, that is, the destruction of the monastery in the early 15th century by Hussites. In one period of time, the book was found in Rudolf’s second library in Prague, in 1648 to be taken as a pray of war by Sweden during the 30-year war.

Today the book is part of the Swedish National Library in Stockholm. It can be noted that some pages are missing, and no answer can be given for who and why they took them and how their trail is lost.

Precisely what draws into consideration first and leaves a huge impression is the extent of “CODEX GIGAS” and its dimensions.

The book is heavy incredible 165 pounds, it is 92 cm high, 50 cm wide and its thickness is 22 cm. The manuscripts inside this book are very mystical and frequently discuss the presence of the demons and the ritual of exorcism, that is, about the way demons get expelled from the bodies of sick and possessed people. Yet, aside from this, the book describes and explains ways to identify and capture someone who is a thief, and there are also manuscripts with medical topics

. It is likewise fascinating that “The Devil’s Bible” contains the so-called “Vulgate Bible”. The presence of this book is related to numerous dogmas and mysteries, including the fact that it is composed of the very hand of the Devil.

Most of the texts are written in Latin, but there are also Hebrew scripts as well as with the Old Slavic alpha-beta alphabet.

Precisely as a result of all of these facts and data, a large number of people today regard “The Devil’s Bible” as the kind of encyclopedia of medieval knowledge and history.

Source: www.wdl.org



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