The Confessions of a Time Traveler

A time traveler who travelled in the future in 2749 and stayed there 2 years wants to tell his astonishing story. Al Bielek maintains that he stayed a month and a half in 2137 and two years in 2749. What’s more, you ought to know that lot of the situations that Bielek asserts to have seen in the future on are taking place now. Some of these situations include the New World Order domination and the climate changes.


The United States government carried out many secret projects at Camp Hero or Montauk Air Force Station on Montauk, Long Island titled Montauk Project. The objective of these activities was to create fighting strategies and an unusual study involving time channel.

This person asserts that he hopped off the U.S.S. Eldridge on August thirteenth, 1943, the identical day like the Philadelphia project. He adds he was being rehabilitated from radiation wounds with his sibling. The medicines were vibration and light based. According to Bielek in the future the most of Florida was vanished, and just the Panhandle was there since the others were flooded. The USA and Canada did not exist anymore as countries, because of a breakdown in infrastructure. There was central authority and military control. Bielek claims the number of inhabitants on the planet had decreased by billions.

Bielek added that all TV channels were educational and news programs. That is where he saw that many geographical changes occurred which started in the 21st century until 2025. The seashores in America and at the European continent were not like they are now. The water level rose Florida was decreased. Atlanta, GA was just 3 miles distanced from the sea. The Mississippi turned into an inland channel. The Great Lakes transformed into one vast lake.

Earth’s magnetic field began to move, nevertheless then, artificial magnetic field was made in order to protect earth from the crash and the change of the magnetic poles. Subsequently, the poles did change their place. The number of Earth’s inhabitants was decreased to 300 million. The inhabitants in America was about 50 million. Bielek stated that from the second half of the 20th century to the beginning of the 21st century our administration worked with the extraterrestrials – to obtain their technology. However, he states that the actual concerns began between 2003-2005. The new world request was assuming control over the planet, however (tragically) at that point a war began. After some time a war began between Russia/China versus U.S.A/Europe. Many American cities were ruined. The new world order crashed. The authorities had the machines to decrease the radiation and the atomic waste in less than a week, even now however declines to utilize it because of political grounds. In the future, the machines are utilized to reduce the radiation that remained from WW3.

Then, Bielek traveled in 2749 and stayed there for about two years. He shares what he saw while he was there. After that he was returned to 2137 to get Duncan, and then the two of them were returned to 1983. Then they discovered ground based and flying cities which could shift to various parts of the earth. There was a Synthetic Intelligence Computer System that operated everything. He added that there was no authority. It was a gigantic crystalline flying structure. It talked with them using telepathy. The order was entirely socialistic. Everybody’s fundamental requirements for survival were taken care of.

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