Researchers think that the “Third Eye”, which is on the temple around an inch over the eyebrows, and cannot be seen, is mysterious eye related with a potent energy center. For the majority of the people, this eye stays shut and the significant energy associated with it is inaccessible, however what happens if the Third Eye is activated?


According to some researchers of the occult s, the third eye is in fact inside the skull and it is egg-shaped. In terms of cosmology, this is called as the Cosmic Egg and depicted as the source of all creation. If it is opened, the huge power in the Third Eye could take us to - or even make - a brand new world.

The Hindus believe that the Third Eye is the 6th essential chakra, or energy center, in the body and is frequently referred to as, “the soul’s door.” When it is open significantly improves the awareness of different domains, and gives great knowledge and wisdom without the help from, or dependence upon, the material world. Moreover, when it is activated, the Third Eye gives the capacity to talk telepathically with other awakened people, to see the ghosts of the deceased, and even to get messages straight from higher species. It’s no surprise that persons with an opened Third Eye are referred to in some societies as “Seers”, and even witches have respected the importance of an opened Third Eye for its great power for controlling magical and spiritual energies.

H.P. Blavatsky, the writer of, “The Secret Doctrine” and establisher of contemporary Theosophy, portrays the Third Eye as being associated with the pineal gland.

She claims that people used to have the Third Eye, however it atrophied and disappeared after some time as we dishonored and distanced ourselves away from our godly roots. Thus, the Third Eye transformed to what is presently known as the pineal gland. The Third Eye can be reestablished, but with by observing specific instructions and exercises.


After some time, the knowledge of the third eye has been hidden. It can be hard to explore the subsequent misjudgments, so let’s clarify some things. * The unintentional, automatic opening of the Third Eye goes along with some symptoms that should be stayed away from. * The third eye can be opened in a healthy manner without negative side effects by means of the careful and thoughtful exercise of specific methods. * The people who exercise Qi-Gong or Raja Yoga might have activated their third eye.


Like any body part, the Third Eye could endure certain diseases. In such situations, sicknesses of the Third Eye are quite often associated with the energy flow through the Eye. In case that flow of ends up limited - or even completely blocked – symptoms like migraine and weakened sense of sight, taste, and smell are usual. In terms of metaphysics, a blocked Third Eye can be the reason for too much fantasizing and a decreased feeling of intuition, grounding, and emotional instability. Delusions about one’s life and a separation from one’s intuition are likewise usual.


Intense changes of sight- The Third Eye, regardless of its exceptional characteristics, is still an eye. When it is open, it stands for third sense which affects the others. We might see colors differently, brighter or more intense.

New smells may be felt and the taste of known foods may be alike yet discernibly changed. The hearing sense records new sounds, and even the feeling of touch can be affected in different ways. All of this can be experienced hallucinogenic by the people whose Third Eye has opened involuntarily and can be very distressing.

Other symptoms that follow the opening of the third eye are vivid, intense dreams, headaches and heaviness, detachment from reality, relation disruption.

A person who has never used something before might face difficulties when using it. The same goes for the Third Eye which requires practice in order to learn to keep balance by means of exercise and mediation. The persons who have experienced automatic opening can get rid of the symptoms with exercises such as Qi-Qong from China or Raja Yoga from India and thus they can learn how to control the sixth sense.

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