We Are Sharing Our Planet With A New Species of Humans

The best-selling author and alternative news journalist Alexis Brooks recently made an interview with Mary Rodwell, author, ufologist and hypnotherapist to discuss her reasons to believe that a new species of humans is living among us. Rodwell has been dedicated to studying Star Children – a race of hybrid beings with alien DNA, who are also believed to be a new human species with superior cognitive abilities.

According to her, there is an increase in the number of young children who claim to be aliens, and this is independent of contact with the media. In fact, it comes as a result from abductions and alien experiments, something that Rodwell reveals after holding the regression therapy sessions with many patients that had been abducted by aliens. The experiences they shared were good enough evidence for the researcher to believe that a new species of humans is living among us.

Rodwell says that the new species are upgraded, they think outside the box, have a great sense of multi-dimensional experiences of which they spoke naturally.


Studying the differences in perception among these children, Rodwell has come up to a conclusion that a number of conditions they are often diagnosed with could also be a sign of hidden  abilities. Syndromes such as Asperger’s and ADHD might be in fact a result of genetic manipulation by a technologically-advanced alien race.


If this proves to be true, the so-called ‘junk DNA’ in our genome could provide a range of cognitive functions that have never been studied . Unlike past decades, today we have much more information considering these syndromes. However, we have a lot more to learn as we still have no evidence how one gene influences another. Generally speaking, modern science has yet to reach the level to the point where it can fully understand and explain the mechanism through which life constantly upgrades.

The Human Genome Project’s Prof. Sam Chang, one of the first specialists to promote the idea that junk DNA is of extraterrestrial origin, is of the same opinion.According to him, these alien sequences have their own systems and resist certain drugs.

Evolution largely depends on adaptation,but these processes take thousands of years to become a standard. Since there is such a wide gap between two successive generations, the only reasonable explanation is that there must be an external factor in charge of this manipulation of the human genome. Extraterrestrials with their own agenda tend to  plant the seeds of the next gen at this very moment.So, with the current state of our planet, a new race of better, faster, stronger and smarter humans could only be a benefit for the mankind.

We expect scientific breakthroughs to save us and release some energy for us.At the same time we dream about a utopian society where we could live comfortably in sterile environments. On the other hand we let the destruction to set up together with the conflicts and exoduses which will be provoked by the overpopulation and climate change, exoduses and new conflicts.Either way, we’re going to have to change our ways. Otherwise a new generation or a new species of humans will have to repair all the damage we have caused.

What we are still wondering about is whether all of humanity will eventually become activated to a ‘higher intelligence’ when the aliens arrive. Or we’ll become museum exhibits alongside the Neanderthals we made extinct with our bigger brains and appetites. And most importantly, are we driving ourselves towards the end of us as a result of our desires?

The video below provides the answers to some of these questions.

Video source: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD6ES6gBqvcXbwVK2rxdpCA

Source: ufoholic.com


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