The Amazing Link Between Drinking Alcohol And Demonic Possession

Did you realize that word “Liquor” initially implies BODY EATING SPIRIT?

In spite of the fact that it is produced in enormous quantities, advertised, allowed, and drunk by a large number of people everywhere in the world, the vast majority never think of or comprehend the spiritual effects of drinking liquor.

Drinking alcohol is broadly acknowledged in our culture, related with celebrating, festivities and events, (for example, weddings). Beer and alcohol firms promote their merchandise with smooth advertisements, depicting pretty girls, fame and achievement.

Although it is not condemned, and it is allowed to drink alcohol in the United States, the spiritual effects of alcohol are frequently ignored. People usually do not want to see the effects of alcohol, and if they do then they usually see the physical harm.

Just consider the world alcohol itself. It comes from the Arabic “al-kuhl”, signifying a “body consuming spirit”, which is the root for the English word “ghoul.” In Middle Eastern mythology the ghoul is represented as a malevolent evil spirit, which ate human bodies, mostly youngsters and stolen cadavers.

“Alcohol” as well “alembic” are allegories for aqua vitae, or “life water.” Also worth mentioning is that the world “spirit” signifies distilled fluid, which comes from the Middle Eastern alchemy.

According to alchemy, liquor is used in the process to extract the spirit essence of an element, for example for extracting essential oils, and the disinfection of medicinal instruments. By drinking alcohol, it actuality extracts the very essence of the spirit, thus enabling the body to be defenseless against neighboring elements whereas the majority are of low frequencies (that is why some alcoholic drinks are called “SPIRITS”). That is the reason why those who drink great quantities of alcohol frequently pass out, not recalling what happened. This occurs when the good soul (the one we came with on this world) abandons the body since the living circumstances are contaminated possesses the body and pushes it frequently in a decadent and self-serving irrational frenzy. Our bodies are vehicles for spirits and in case one abandons it, another one can run it.

Basically when somebody passes out after consuming alcohol or contaminating themselves in different ways, their body frequently ends up controlled by another spirit. That could be the reason why people feel like they are not themselves, more sexual, more aggressive, less rational after consuming alcohol. There is also a religious sect that is aware of the evil forces of alcohol, and that promotes it, through the media and government, to work for an ancient and evil plan.

The answers for our collapsing society are just to be met inside our non-contaminated collective humankind, not inside current science and the evil cult it serves. Our dim evil human breeders take on the appearance of benevolent governments, who then offer us to evil spirits that consume our energies when we drink alcohol or other toxic substances they pour down from the peak of the governing pyramid. We serve to an intricate control network…founded on brainwashing, propaganda, chemical sedation, toxic pharmaceutical and we also serve as food energy for evil entities who live outside the of visible sight.

How Is It Connected to Our Society?

People should think about the influence of alcohol on their lives. There are people who can make difference between social drinking and an addiction, but those who drink every day realize that they may have a problem.

What quantities are considered excessive? How many people do not accept they have a problem? People drink alcohol to forget their problems.

When you are going to parties with lot of new faces, do you want that there is alcohol, or you would not mind if there is not? Do you use it as a support? Do you think that you need alcohol to be self-confident?

Liquor has been present for a long time in religion, mysticism and the occult. But how could alcohol contribute to your inner self? Can it help you to open the gate to other dimensions?

Those who support on alcohol to ‘behave naturally’, they frequently transform in somebody entirely different than themselves.

The physical impact on the body when one drinks lot of alcohol is obvious, such as cardiomyopathy, arrhythmia, stroke, high blood pressure, fibrosis or cirrhosis of the liver, alcoholic hepatitis and pancreatitis among others.  But people should be also aware of the spiritual effects of it!

There is also a conviction that drinking alcohol enables Hell’s evil spirits to control our bodies.


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