Scientists believe that as the universe is so enormous and, presumably, filled with an incalculable number of planets capable of supporting life, any of those extraterrestrial life forms may probably be more advanced technologically when compared to us. Quite possibly one of the reasons the inhabitants of these planets have not established contact with us is due to our lack of technological means and a minimal knowledge of the laws of the universe.

Is there any chance that this will change in the years to come?

This strong conviction in alien existence originates from an instinctual acknowledgment of the Universe as a magnificent sowing mechanism that had broaden to a large number of areas the gift of life and evolution.

The most prominent among the proponents of this belief is the brilliant inventor Elon Musk, the founder of the SpaceX program, who firmly believe in the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations and with his innovations which could boost the human desire to explore space and hopefully make interaction with our presently concealed intergalactic neighbors.

Elon Musk’s bold ambitiousness has been clarified in an article composed in the New York Times by Astrophysicist Adam Frank, entitled – Yes, There Have Been Aliens.

According to him, we’re not the initial generation of intelligent humanoids which have developed on the blue pale dot. The probability is thin for mankind to be the exclusively evolved creatures in this enormous of the universe, a 1 in 10 billion trillions to be more precise.

This give opportunity to presume that there are tremendous chances outsiders even now to be among us, understanding that our DNA may very well be blended with theirs, therefore have figured out how to consistently blend into the general public unnoticed.

This could mean that our star is not hosting its first generation of living beings which find a way how to beam radio signals into space. Adam Frank’s research is based upon the challenging and innovating mathematical formula serving as an instruction for any person enthusiastic about acquiring genuine evidence of extraterrestrial life in the universe.

It certainly could be challenging to decode Drake’s Equation by yourself, the scientific community is currently focusing on a method to place numbers on the table. The formula looks like this:


N = R * fp ne fl fi fe L


fp – the percentage of stars with planets


ne – the number of planets similar to Earth


fl – the number of Earth-like planets capable of supporting and maintaining life


fi – the percentage of celestial bodies with life that can further develop intelligent life forms


fe – the percentage of intelligent species able to detect otherworldly technology originating from another foreign civilization (i.e. ration transmissions)


L – the average number of earth-years during which advanced civilizations emit signals.


Multiplying the two components of the formula with the period of time that sophisticated civilizations take to communicate reveals the whole quantity of civilizations that have walked the exact lands we are exploring at present.

The complicated Drake Equation can only be solved after discovering accurate values for every one of its components. Scientists speculate this will be achievable in coming years, but nonetheless, warn those quantities are likely to be worthless if attempting to discover species with a potential beyond that of mankind constructs.

Astronomers already have found over 3,000 neighboring exoplanets, with roughly 20% of these planets within habitable areas. The latest NASA press release of 7 Earth-like planets just a couple of light years separate from us has increased expectations of discovering alien existence in the years to come.

The only thing we are able to do at this moment is waiting for the time when we’ll discover our cosmic neighbors, however, waiting for science to deliver the results will likely take just too much time of one’s life, so it’s better to seek for indications on our very own planet. After all, mysteries on Earth are surfacing every day, and there are various leads to pursue which might be quickly labeled as otherworldly.

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