Ancient Aliens Came to Earth 7000 Years Ago

Kazem Finjan, Minister of Transport of Iraq stated at a press conference dedicated to the opening of a new airport in Dhi Qar that the site used to be space stations constructed by alien

Finjan said that those who suspects should read the works of the ancient astronauts theorist Zecharia Sitchin and Samuel Kramer, especially his work ‘History Begins at Sumer’ talking about the first airport on planet Earth, built in el Naciria.

He added that this place is specific since it is the most secure for the arrival and take-off of airplane, because of good climate conditions. The Sumerians knew that when they inhabited this land, and they have picked it particularly for their flights to different planets.

Journalists rushed to reject Finjan’s allegations.
There were many other angry reactions in the public against his statement.

Zecharia Sitchin, who died on October 9th, 2010 wrote about the ancient astronauts, long before they became popular.

Sitchin is considered among the ufologists as the person who exposed the secret history and origins of humankind, translating ancient Sumerian writings.

But, his translations are severely attacked for being false.

Furthermore, there are people who think that Sitchin was a cointelpro ‘disinformation’ agent for some secret powers.

One of Sitchin’s allegations is about ancient locations in the Middle East in Egypt and the Palestine-Israel region, which according to him used to be the Annunaki’s space stations for a long time.

He also claims that these locations were left by the alien rulers until 3 millennia ago.

Although Sitchin may have mistranslated the Sumerian tablets, there is still no explanation of how such advanced civilizations were possible to have existed 10 000 years ago.

If Sitchin’s claims are true, then that could mean that he got the information some 20 years before the antediluvian locations were discovered.

Maybe the secret forces who know about the humankind’s true origins are trying to reveal the truth using agents like Sitchin and the present beliefs of the inhabitants on Earth are just a fabrication serving a hidden agenda.

According to some informers the human race is much older than what it is presently believed. They claim that Earth was destroyed by floods or disasters and the advanced civilizations escaped underground.

One whistle-blower claims to have seen these creatures, which he calls the Anshar. According to him they have protected the humankind for about 12 to 18 million years.

Although these hypothesis stay unconfirmed, the fact that geneticists have established the human race’s present origin can be traced back at least 240,000 years suggest that present human could have really witnessed the rise of many other advanced civilizations.

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