Giant Footprints Found In China Prove That Ancient Giants Walked Among Humans

A small team of researchers on August 24, 2016, discovered mysterious giant footprints in Pingyan, a smaller village in southwest China. The footprints that are embedded in the erosion of the rock suggest they are several thousand years old, possibly more.

The likelihood that in ancient times a race of giants walked among us it’s quite big. All across the world today there are archeological findings that support this claim.

One of the fossilized giant footprints discovered in China. image:

These huge footprints found in China measure an astounding 22.5 inches (57 centimeters) long and are 8 inches (20 centimeters) wide. Every one of the footprints is engraved at a depth of 1.2 inches (3 centimeters) which implies that the humanoid who left them must have been an extraordinary specimen. Evaluations set his height at roughly 16.5 feet, or around 5 meters.

It is quite astonishing to imagine these huge giants walking between humans and having interaction with them. And who might be brave enough to challenge them?

A man stands in a mysterious giant footprint in hardened rock in China. Image:

Many pieces of evidence point to the existence of this race of Giants, especially after a set of huge footprints were photographed at the ruins of the Ain Dara temple in Syria. This caused a great interest across the globe bringing forth the theory that in ancient times the beings known as the Nephilim’s walked the Earth.

Unfortunately, many scientists and archaeologists are still in denial, no matter how many remains and evidence are uncovered. Their fear of being ridiculed left space for many people with hidden agendas to quickly swoop in, collect the relics

and continue to suppress the information, and lock these incredible relics in museum warehouses and their private collection far from the eyes of the public.

These discoveries testify about different history than the one we are taught in our schools. This claim is largely supported by this video made by a Romanian farmer who in the 1950s witnessed the excavations in the village of Mihailesti in Romania.

In his story, he mentions that when he was yang, he joined the labor force at an archaeological site in his village. Archaeologists were searching for artifacts from an earlier unidentified ancient civilization and while they were at it, the diggers unexpectedly ran into the final graves of several giant humanoids. The excavating was instantly ceased and authorities from Bucharest, the capital of Romania were immediately contacted in. Towards the end of the week and with the greatest secrecy, the fossilized remains of the enormous giants, numerous skulls included were extracted in closed flatbed trucks.

Those people that were involved were warned against revealing anything they witnessed, the punishment for spilling the beans was imprisonment. Prisons in communist Romania were notoriously brutal so the diggers remained silent. After the communist regime fell in 1989, those individuals who were still alive finally came forth to speak about what happened.

Short after this video went public a curious reporter went into the Mihailesti village in Romania in search of evidence that this story is real. What he found there was a very modest house where the old man Vasile still lived.

Vasile’s old house in 2016. image:

As he mention in his article for Ufoholic:  “ In good cheer, Vasile invited me in and over a cup of plum brandy, we exchanged stories. He told me that he never wanted any publicity and that became apparent from his general demeanor. He was a simple man in his 80s, living alone in what was basically a brick hut with no running water or central heating. A farmer for most of his life, he had no desire to spread lies. He swore on everything he kept dearly that the skulls they unearthed 6 decades ago were at least twice the size of regular ones. He also told me that one day, shortly after the video below made it to the evening news, two men in black suits parked their nondescript car in front of his humble abode and started asking questions. They presented no ID. They simply told him they worked for the government. After the formal interview ended, they told Vasile he talked too much and that being a blabbermouth would get him in trouble. Vasile told me he couldn’t care less. He was an old man, he felt that he had lived long enough. He had no children and his wife had died in 1999. “Let them come for me, I’ll welcome them like I did with you,” he told me laughing. “I’ve had my full of The Man and his plans.”I left late that night with an unshakeable feeling that I really knew nothing about our world’s past.”

Unfortunately, the 85 years old Vasile passed away in spring 2017.The cause of his death is not known and left more questions that remain unanswered.

Could these findings be the actual proof that in ancient time an extraordinary race of giants strolled among us?



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