Stephen Hawking Predicts Bleak Future for Humanity

Even though physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking isn’t a fortuneteller, but he has foretold the fate of humankind in the past and has warned many times about how people are currently carelessly dealing with Artificial Intelligence (AI); being afraid it will destroy the mankind.

Hawking thinks the present AI race will in the end take people into a phase when machines will turn out to be smarter than people. According to Hawking the destruction of people would start then. Obviously, the AI community does not want to listen to well-known and regarded scientists like him talking such things. He was severely condemned by the AI community in recent times, confronting allegations of being a cynic, and ought promote positivism in the AI discussion.

Regardless of the reactions, Hawking is openly presenting his views. Except the AI disaster, Hawking believes that human faults will stop any advance made from the Stone Age to now.

In Larry King Now television show a year ago, Hawking stated that in spite of the fact that he has talked in regards to AI as a means that could end the human race, he thinks that such creations are result of human faults.

The physicist added that greed and stupidity are the greatest dangers to humankind. According to him these two vices will in the long run destroy people, and sooner than he thought. Hawking said that human stupidity and greed are rising every day. He claimed that there has been an enormous air pollution issue in the past decade, which is the reason for death of big number of people around the globe.  Hawking noted that the conditions will keep on deteriorating, causing more people to die and uncommon sicknesses very soon.

Hawking has expressed his concern about the overpopulation of the world which will reach 11 billion by 2100 and about the pollution that affects the health of 80% of the city inhabitants. He noted that he is just warning us of our actions which will destroy us.

At the moment everywhere in the world, people are more and more being surrounded with mechanical devices, like cell phones, robots working among humans, and automatic cars.

This technology is getting smarter, while people appear to be losing their minds. Many actually suffer injuries or die while making a selfie.

The US Department of Transportation evaluates that in the course of 2014, in the “year of the selfie,” 33,000 persons were harmed while driving and using a mobile phone in some form. In 2015 a study by Erie Insurance Group discovered that 4% of all drivers confessed to making selfies while running a vehicle.

The Washington Post announced in January 2016 that about 13 selfie demises in 2015 had happened in India. There is no official information on how many persons deceased in the act of taking a selfie in India, however reports say that from 2014 to August 2016, there were no less than 54 people who died in India while taking selfies.

This has incited the Indian Tourism Ministry to request that countries to distinguish and blockade ‘selfie danger’ zones. The objective of the sign is to attempt and prevent or lessen selfie-related demises in India.

This is precisely one of the stupidities Hawking is talking about. People get more and more stupid while the machines they have made are getting smarter and smarter. The joke on people has begun. The machines appear to control people, not the reverse.


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