New Ice-Covered Antartica Pyramid Found

As an addition to a group of two snow covered pyramids, a new one recently discovered by the help of Google Earth satelite opens a possibility od changing the history. Namely, the existing ones lay 10 miles inland whereas the third one stretches near the coast.

If the discovery proves right, it could change the course of human history. It has prompted theories that what is now the snowy caps of the earth was once inhabited by humanity,a theory which has never been  mentioned by any history book.

Antarctica has changed its position in the past to its current one through plate tectonics, approaching the South Pole through time. The climate was very different too, because of the vicinity of the equator.

A few years ago scientists from the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) claimed that 100 million years ago Antarctica was all covered in lush rainforests similar to the ones in New Zealand today.

Microbial life forms have been discovered in Antarctica’s Lake Vida by a Nasa expedition under a 65feet thick ice. It is believed that they derive from the microorganisms that used to live in a warmer climate which leads to a possibility of discovering some other wonders.

The resemblance is unsettling. Image source:

The structures have raised many questions, whether they are man-made which must have faced problems related to manpower and the logistics needed.  Even if so, it must have been done in the distant past when there was human life in Antarctica.

So, if the wheel was invented some 6,000 years ago and fire was used 125,000 years ago, when do these pyramids date from? Do they belong to an ancient civilization or do they simply stand the test of time?


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