Underwater UFO Base Discovery Proves Something Else is Living in Our Oceans

An alien structure has been discovered about 2,000 feet underwater, this area has now become a hotspot for UFO sightings. So much underwater UFO activity in one place is undeniably unusual and strongly points to the possibility that there is an underwater UFO base somewhere in this area. While the reports alone provide considerable evidence, further confirmation of this possibility comes from another source.

Not only is there an unusually large number of sightings, landings, and ocean-going UFOs here, there are also cases of abductions. Normally, when somebody reports being abducted by aliens, they claim to have been taken inside a UFO. However, in this particular area, some abductees report that they have been taken to what is apparently an underground base. Could it be that these witnesses were taken into the underwater base in the Santa Catalina channel?


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