Collective Precognitive Memory Of Previous Lives on other Planets

A lot of people have the feeling of not truly belonging to the Earth,as if they they are here  in this incarnation from another planet. The question is, could we call this a premonition of what is about to happen?

Dolores Cannon,a hypnotherapist has worked with thousands of people through regression hypnotherapy and with every clients she has worked with, she has heard the same story. While under hypnosis, they either claim that they feel like they come from another planet or they have had previous lives on other planets.

Global consciousness (also known as “field consciousness”) is the notion that when groups of people focus their minds on the same thing, they influence “the world at large” (Radin 1997: ch. 10).

Roger Nelson heads the Global Consciousness Project, which is an organization that collects data from around the world trying to prove that global consciousness exists. Nelson has published a study called “Wishing for Good Weather,” An excerpt from the abstract says:

Reunion  activities at Princeton University, that involve thousands of alumni, graduates, family and others, are held outdoors, almost always blessed with good weather.It turns out that on those days when there are many outdoor activities, there is significantly less rain in Princeton compared to the recorded rainfall in the nearby comumunities.

One of the conclusions of this research is that our thoughts can sometimes be precognitive. For example, testing results were significantly increased before September 11, 2001, as if many people suspected that something big was about to happen, but couldn’t assured of what exactly. The same research results suggested that focused intent in Princeton kept the rain away.

Even without the past life regression, many people feel as if Earth is not their home. If we have a look at the Earth’s population, it is impossible to have so many people on this planet at the moment if every person that incarnated here was from Earth, unless unless those who are incarnating are “new souls”. The reasearch showed that  many people incarnated here from other planets while many others feel as Earth is not their home. Many people have lived several lives on various planets in previous lifetimes,but because of karma many return to Earth for solving some problems of because of spiritual progression through this 3rd dimensional reality.

According to the Global Consciousness Project, many people felt something was about to occur the day before September 11, 2001.  Is it possible that people are feeling the same thing about wanting to go home?

Perhaps thinking about going back to your home planet is actually a signal to your planet of origin noting them about being fed up with  this experience on Earth.. Or it is something that everyone feels when they feel like it is time to go home…

Imagine a UFO landing in front of you asking you to take you back to your “home” planet right now… without being able to consult nobody…would you go?

If this is actually a precognitive memory, what would you do?


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